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The mystery of Lord Maxim

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Chapter 1: After many months

December 7, 2011

Dear Jewell,
Today I received a letter from Lord Maxim. Who is he? Oh, he's a dear friend. For months, there is no news of him.
I opened it. But it was white.
At first I thought his usual jokes. But I noticed that the paper had an odor of lemon.
I put it on a radiator. As imagined, the text appeared.
- Strange - I thought - why should write a letter in invisible ink? -
I waited until it appeared throughout the text.
It said:
<<Dear Alanx, I hope you are fine. Right now I'm in a far away place that I can not (for reasons I can not explain now) to say where. Do you remember Fantendo right? Ok, since you have my account write this text: Hello everyone, my name is Lord William Maxim Bertolotti Manzini, but you can call me Lord Maxim or Lord M. I'm Italian, but I speak pretty good English. To create and develop video games, I have a friend, Sir Victor Alanx Astorri Ulysses. He has a lot of imagination and intelligence out of the ordinary, just like me.>> I hope you take care of yourself,


(P.S: go to my house, you get a key of copper)>>

And so ended the letter. What it must do so important that I can not tell where ... Well, now I go to his house to search for the key of copper ... Who knows if it will help me find where he is and what he is doing ...

Chapter 2: The Key

December 7, 2011

Dear Jewell, I went to the house of Lord M, e. .. oh, wait, knock on the door ...
Jewell, here I am! He knocked the mailman. He had a letter for me. I wonder who sent it to me ... ... Huh?!
This is a letter from Lord M. Now you read it:
<<Dear Alanx, I think you've got the key, is not it? I know that I gave for your last birthday a chest closed? Well, open it, look at the contents. Then follow the instructions. With love,


I'll get it ... you stay here!

Meanwhile, a sinister figure came through the window, and deposited a small package.

Chapter 3: A strange videogame

December 8, 2011

Dear Jewell I found the chest in the basement. Oh, what a careless! I forgot to tell you how I found the key. Yesterday I went to his house and I immediately found a mess. Finding a key in this disorder was like finding a needle in a haystack. I started rummaging everywhere, when I saw something that glittered. I moved around e. .. what was I found the key! Oh, I forgot to tell you that I opened the chest and found ... a video game, a chip and a letter of Maxim. <<Dear Alanx, if you opened this mean that the trunk is missing for many months. You know I was doing experiments on hyper-virtual reality? Here, I discovered a secret way and somewhat dangerous. I tried to turn it on and ... I ended up in the game! Everything seemed normal when I discovered that I was missing a few frames! I managed to turn it off and exit the game, and I had no damage (for luck!). I started working on a chip for the correction of that mistake. Now I'm ready to see if the chip works. However, the chip that I gave you NOT use it ever! And above all, DO NOT follow. I never had to do those experiments. The only thing you need to do is destroy the chip. Goodbye forever,

Lord Maxim>>

I'm touched. Because he himself had to leave forever? Perhaps, not really ... forever! I will go to save. And you with me. The game is for the Nintendo VR, which is a console with virtual reality. So ...

(10 minutes late)

Ok, I'm done! Let's ... and what is it? It looks like a package ...

Chapter 4: In the world of video games

December 8, 2011

Dear Jewell, I found a strange package signed "Unknown". I opened and contained a deodorant. I sprayed around and I felt a very strong odor, as if it were ... CHLOROFORM!

Just Sir A fainted, went into the house a strange figure who led Sir Alanx near the Nintendo VR. He turned and waited for Sir At the end of the video game world.
- Bwa, bwa, bwa! He can not go back! Mhh ... I'm hungry ... see what's in the fridge ... MUSHROOM SOUP? Oh no! Since I met that world full of mushrooms, I began to hate them!

Meanwhile in the game ... - Jewell, where are you? Uh, but this is ... a world full of mushrooms? It's not that we ... Check a bright green Toad:
- Need a hand, stranger?
- Eh? Oh, yes! Sure!
- Where are you from?
- ... From Earth!
- Hmm ...
- Is there something bothering you?
- No, is that they are already two times I meet a terrestrial!
- Uh? Not that either of those two was called Lord Maxim?
- Yes, exactly! Those two were IDENTICAL! Even the name was the same!
- If you want I'll explain!
A Ser turned: it was another Toad, but had all the hat-shaped book.
- Jewell I am, dear Sir A.

To Be Continued...

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