The giant crimson carnage hoodlum wears a crimson hood, covering her entire body, has withered hands, and has an iron mask on her face.

She also dons a Scythe


Before The Gargantuan Good Wolf chronicles:

the little red riding hood was travelling to her grandmother once more, when she met the king of the rainbows. the king of the rainbows wanted to make her his queen, since she was the most beautiful lady in the land. But she denied him, and went on, in rage, she cursed her to look so ugly, no one will ever love her, to her rage, she killed the king and stole his power.

With magic by her side, she continued on and as time passed, she discovered the plateau of bouleversement. She knew the powers this could grant, long story short, she created Haven's lighthouse of fables.

During the Gargantuan Good Wolf chronicles:

She decided to use the lighthouse not to clean the darkened fables, but rather to reverse. As the game's main villain, she corrupts the ax man who killed the big bad wolf, great grandfather of the game's main character, Maine

She created the river of fire, river dashfoot. As she continued on, she cursed other fables as well and soon enough will use them to free the world from "the hand from the sky"

Later, after her defeat, the Yeti grabs her ashes and flees to who knows where.

During the Gargantuan Good Wolf chronicles 2: Bidasari, mother of the behemoths.

She is mentioned by Mogindra, saying that she was the real reason the behemoths came into the world of Jyuuros.

How to defeat

First round:

On the first round, she fires fireballs, lightning bolts, a water whip and her scythe slam. Remember to dodge the fireballs and the water whip, as for the lightning bolts, carrying the legend's lightning rod will absorb the attack, if the legend's lightning rod's electro meter is full, you can parry her scythe slam. parry her scythe slam 3 times and you can begin the second round

Second round:

On this round, go up the stairs and use Robin Hood's bow and arrow to strike her iron mask. Once the mask is off, use the Chupacabra's special halberd to damage her face. The first round's strategy works as well.

Third round:

This is the hardest round. She constantly attack you with her shadow spikes which are fast, but noticeable. Whenever she shoots out the lava eagles, dodge their lava spit and whenever she uses the black hole, go upstairs. If you are upstairs, she will attack you with the thorns of the jersey devil. Remember to reach the specific spot needed to dodge the attack. When she finally tires out, use Bakunawa's lunar lacerator to damage her most. do this 6 times and you can proceed to the last round. Keep in mind that the black hole and the thorns of the jersey devil are both OHKO (one hit knock out) moves.

Final round:

She only has two moves, recover health and necro meteor shower. Dodge the meteor showers and keep hitting her with Bakunawa's lunar lacerator. The damage of the weapon is high enough to deal low damage against her, and that's saying something since the recover health move recovers a massive amount of health, this tactic of slowly chipping away her health is the best tactic to beat her.

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