The Adventure of Koops

The adventure of Koops is a game by Truttle Games. In the game, you must save Koops's girlfriend and the city of Lakesville from Bowser's minions. The only way to do that is to collect the 7 Bowser Keys.

The Plot

Koops and his girlfriend are going to Lakesville. When they arrive, Koops's girlfriend gets kidnapped by Bowser. Koops departs the airport and travels the City of Lakesville. In the city, he finds out about the Bowser Keys by a professor named Koopy. Koops also meets Jr. Troopa and his opposite counterpart: Tiny Troopa. Koops also meets a Porygon named Porygontal and a glasses-wearing Koopa named Truttle.

Bowser Keys

Bowser Keys
Name:Cinnabar Key Location: Bowser Jr.'s Castle Holder: Bowser Jr. Difficulty: Easy

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