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The Yoshi and Toad Series is an upcoming sub-series of the Yoshi series which stars Yoshi (Kazumi Totaka) and Toad (Samantha Kelly).


Yoshi and Toad's Adventures!

The first game of the series and chronologically also first. The game takes place when Yoshi and Toad move in together in a new home. They explore the house which they find a rusty, creepy, and old treasure chest. They open it, and suddenly evil spirits were unleashed. It's up to Yoshi and Toad to fix this problem.

Yoshi and Toad's Game Mania!

The second game of the series and chronologically also second. Taking place a week after the ending to Yoshi and Toad's Adventures, Yoshi and Toad get board so they watched some TV. While surfing channels, they found an ad for a new theme park resort and quickly reserved tickets and a room to stay at one of the hotels.

Yoshi and Toad

The third game of the series. The game has no specific plot but basically, Yoshi and Toad invite their friends for a party!

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