This is the second episode of The Yoshi Show. It is themed after my fangame Kirby's Story. You can submit your fan game for an episode here.

Gold: *spinning a pink ball of clay on his finger and whistling*

Silver: what are you doing?

Gold: spinning a pink ball of clay, of course! What does it look like?

Silver: *sigh* anyways, that kinda looks like Kirby!

Gold: Kirby? who's he?

Silver: He's a video game character!

Gold: really? Never heard of him! Can I play one of his games?

Silver: sure! *puts Kirby and the Rainbow Curse into the Wii U*

Gold: *stops spinning clay and grabs GamePad* Alright! *taps the game icon*

Silver: ok, so go over there.

Gold: this game doesn't make sense.

Silver: here, play this game first. It's his backstory.

Gold: Ok! *puts in Kirby's Story*

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