This is the first episode of The Yoshi Show. It is themed after my fangame Islandus. You can submit your fan game for an episode here.


Gold: ok.. one more jump...

Silver: you really are addicted to that game, aren't you?

Gold: yeah, but it's for a good reason! I just have to beat this level and then I'll be on to the boss!

Silver: fine... but can we go hang out with Red after?

Gold: Red is a jerk!

Silver: Not anymore! He promised he wouldn't steal the last berry.

Gold: fine... you go wait in the kitchen.

Silver: Ok. *trips on cord* woah!

  • console crashes into bits*

Gold: *kneels down* NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Silver: here, I think I can put it together! *grabs toolbox*

Gold: *sobs*


Silver: there! good as new!

Gold: *sniff* thanks. *turns on console & TV*

  • TV creates a portal and sucks Silver & Gold in*

Both: Woahhhhhh!

Later again...

Gold: *plops onto the grass* woah! we're in the game!

Silver: I think I built it wrong...

Gold: dude! this is EPIC! We're literally at The Lost Island right now!

Silver: the lost island?

Gold: It's from Islandus, dude! That's the game I was playing! And there's the boss I was about to fight! *Points to a Sea Serpent*

Silver: *gulps*

Sea Serpent: *glares at Silver*

Gold: c'mon! Let's take 'em down! *takes out a sword*

Silver: Where in the world did you get that?!

Gold: Blue gave it to me. C'mon! *runs toward serpent and hits him in the neck*

Silver: here goes nothing... Gold! Can I have one?

Gold: Here! *tosses Silver a sword*

Silver: sweet! *Hits serpent in the tail*

Gold: yeah!

Sea Serpent: *sinks into the water*

Gold: We did it! *Starts floating up* What?

Silver: *starts floating up also* Woah! *disappears into the clouds*

Gold: Where'd he go? *disappears also*

Silver: *appears in the living room* Hey Gold! The console's fixed!

Gold: *appears* really? sweet! *picks up controller* Back where I was! wait, where's the serpent?

Silver: * winks at camera*