The Yoghurt War is a weapon-based fighting game by NovaPen Productions. The game revolves around a tub of yoghurt that is said to grant immortality to the one who eats it. However, the yoghurt must remain in the tub to obtain immortality. Each character has their own different weapon and fighting style.


Name Type Weapon Description
Irving Penguin Zweihander A muscular and strong penguin, he is able to wield the Zweihander, a two-handed great sword with one hand. He is here to not to eat the yoghurt, but to destroy it due to it being the reason for many to be corrupted.
Kai Koala Spear A fast and speedy koala, he wields a spear. He battles for the promise of immortality, and for the respect of his fellow warriors.
Jack Kangaroo Boxing gloves Jack, the kangaroo is a worldwide boxing phenomenon. Known for his boxing prowess, he does not want to lose his life and his title as number one boxer.
Deuce Gorilla Stone pillar Deuce, the gorilla is the strongest animal participating in this tournament. He is not only here for immortality but to crush everyone who stands in his way.
Domino Panda Club Domino, the panda is one of the strongest animals participating in the tournament. She is trying to get the immortality before her rival Deuce can get it.
Kuma Bear Podao Kuma, the bear comes from Tekken. Ordered to get the tub of yoghurt by his owner, Heihachi, he is determined to win the tournament.
Thumper Rabbit Axe Once a cute and ordinary bunny, now a corrupted and evil rabbit. Wielding his bloodied axe, he is here to only destroy the competition and obtain immortality.
Billy Rat Tonfa Billy, the rat is a master at the tonfa. After hearing of Thumper's corruption, he is determined to stop his path of destruction and destroy the tub of yoghurt.
Aeon Lizard Sword and shield Aeon, the lizard comes from Soul Calibur. After failing to obtain Soul Edge countless times, he is here to prove to himself he can be the best warrior.
Olsar Chicken Nunchaku Olsar is a nunchaku master. Hearing of the tub of yoghurt's effect at giving immortality, he realises this is the reason for everyone's corruption. He is here to destroy the tub;
Alfonso Tiger Halberd Alfonso, the Italian tiger wields his massive halberd. A great and noble warrior, he is here to destroy the tub and end the corruption.
Lyle Crocodile Pike Lyle the crocodile is attempting to gain immortality. Wielding his trusty pike, he hopes to defeat everyone in his path.
Shadow Panther Lance Shadow the panther is a stealthy and quick warrior. Coming from the depths of Hell, he is ordered by Hades to destroy the tub of yoghurt so that no one may be immortal and they will rot in hell.
Leo Lion Sword Leo the lion is a slow but powerful warrior. Coming from the gates of Heaven, he is ordered by Zeus to obtain the tub of yoghurt so that it may be shared with everyone
Swift Fox Throwing knives Swift the fox is (as you guessed) a very swift character. Using her throwing knives, she is able to attack without getting close to an opponent. She enters the tournament to obtain the tub of yoghurt for her village.
Lobo Wolf Dual knives Lobo the wolf is a very rapid and strong character. Using his dual knives, he is able to swiftly attack. He is the fastest attacker in the game. He is, like Swift, also trying to obtain the tub of yoghurt for his village.
Donald Duck Staff Coming from the Kingdom Hearts universe, Donald Duck is greedy and easily makes rash decisions. He arrives in the tournament to gain immortality only for himself.
Raphael Turtle Twin sai Raphael arrives from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe. After being informed by Splinter of the tub of yoghurt and the corruption it has caused, he volunteers to put a stop to the corruption and destroy the tub of yoghurt.


Story Mode

Free Mode

Challenge Mode


Main article: Movesets and Fighting Styles

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