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Just one more, Okay?
The game's tagline.

The Year Of Luigi Collection
eShop Wallpaper for the game.
Developer(s) NinRMAX
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS, Wii U.
Release Date(s)
Early 2014
Too many to list here...
Genre(s) Minigames
The Year Of Luigi Collection, (Green 30 Years in EU) is a upcoming Year Of Luigi game only in the Nintendo eShop. The game celebrates Luigi's 30 years as a Mario character. The game features demos of Year Of Luigi games. Luigi themed minigames, and more things to end the Year Of Luigi.


NinRMAX thought The Year Of Luigi was a fun Nintendo event. But it was soon going to end. At the time the company got the idea, The event was over. However, The plans still went on. Some artwork was being made, Planning out the gameplay, and more. On April 31, 2014, NinRMAX made the game and worked on it.


YOL Loading

A player letting the game load.

The game is similar to the WarioWare series and NES Remix. It will be feature Luigi themed minigames such as Puzzle minigames, Nintendo minigames, and more. A player has three lives and tries to win the minigame that he/she is playing. If the player wins, He/she gets a item called a L Stamp. If the player loses, It takes away Green Coins, Which can be used to buy items, minigames, and more. 


Platforming Minigames

  • Stomp on the Goomba!
  • Collect all the coins!
  • Get a Mushroom!
  • Defeat (Fake) Bowser!
  • Save the Toads!
  • Defeat (Real) Bowser!

Puzzle Minigames

  • Kill three Viruses!
  • Get a combo!
  • Kill all Viruses!
  • Make a line with the blocks!

Nintendo Minigames

  • Get the Triforce!
  • Defeat Ridley!
  • Do a barrel roll!
  • Make a Mii!


DLC Minigames could be bought on the Nintendo eShop. There are four packs and they were launched on May 23, 2014. In each pack, There were six minigames. And each pack costs five dollars.

Green Mushroom Pack

  • Throw your hat and catch it!
  • Defeat your bro!
  • Get 100 coins!
  • Paint the picture within 10 seconds!
  • Defeat Bowser Jr!
  • Make a Luigi Mii!

Retro Pack

  • Get a hole in one!


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