The World Ends With You: Expand Your Borders
Developer(s) TornVision, Jupiter, Bomb Productions Games, Square Enix
Publisher(s) Square Enix
Platform(s) TBA
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action RPG

The World Ends With You: Expand Your Borders is a game made by TornVision.


The gameplay for TWEWY:EYB is the same as TWEWY but with a few changes. TWEWY:EYB takes place not just in Shibuya's UG, but in the Global UG, a hub area that allows you to go to the Top UG's in the world and survive a Reaper Game for three weeks in an are and then defeat that UG's Composer to take control of that UG. If you control all the Major UG's in a Region, you become a Regional Composer and can go back and play the UG again but from a Reaper POV. Then you can become New Worldly or Old Worldy Composer by taking over all Regions on the New World(Americas and Australia) and the Old World(Africa and Eurasia). The game also has another mode called The Angel's Game, the Opposite of the Reaper's Game, where you go against Angels, not Reapers, and similarly to how the Producer is an Angel who checks up on the Reaper's Game, the Composer is a Reaper who checks up on the Angel's Game. The Battle System is the same too.


Another Day

The Another Day Chapter takes place in the same world as the Another Day chapter in TWEWY, but takes place farther in a couple of weeks later. Shibuya now is no longer run by the mayor, but rather by Tin Pin Slammer. There are 2 parties, the Composer and Producer parties. The player can chose what character they want, and they must defeat other members to gain control of shibuya for their party. After their party takes over, they must then go through the ranks, and finally they must take on the leader of their party(for Composer it's Yodai "Higgy" Higashizawa, and for Producer it's Ken "Don" Doi) and then finally you gain control of Shibuya. Many other chars not within the party are also played in Tin Pin all around Shibuya. After controlling Shibuya, rival chars will play you for your position.


Main Story

  • Neku
  • Shiki
  • Beat
  • Rhyme
  • Joshua
  • Kariya
  • Uzuki
  • Sho

Another Day

The name, Rival, Party, and Codename is listed

  • Neku - Kariya, Sho, Kitaniji - Producer - Black 'n' Blue(Former), Blue(Former), Black(beginning), Orange(After Control)
  • Shiki - Uzuki, Higgy, Don - Producer - Green(Former), White(between games), Purple 'n' Pink(beginning), Pink(After Control)
  • Beat - Rhyme, 777, Futoshi - Producer - Skulls(Former), Yellow(Former), White(beginning), Black 'n' White(After Control)
  • Hanekoma - Joshua, Shooter, Yammer - Producer - Black 'n' White(between games), Red 'n' Blue(between games), Brown(beginning), Black(After control)
  • Shooter - Yammer, Hanekoma, Joshua - Producer - Red(Former), Yellow(between games), Orange(beginning), Red 'n' Yellow(After Control)
  • Don - Higgy, Uzuki, Shiki - Producer - The Don(Former), Dr. Pin Sr.(Former), Top Slammurai(beginning), High Wizard of Slam(After Control)
  • Sho - Kitaniji, Kariya, Neku - Producer - Dr. Pin Jr.(Former), Gray(between games), Tangerine(beginning), Hexadecimal(After Control)
  • 777 - Futoshi, Rhyme, Beat - Producer - Lucky(between games), Mike(between games), Gray(beginning), Jet(After Control)
  • Kariya - Neku, Sho, Kitaniji - Composer - Lollipop(Former), Lolly(between games), Pale Red(beginning), Pale Orange(After Control)
  • Uzuki - Shiki, Higgy, Don - Composer - Pinky(Former), Black(between games), Pink(beginning), Rose(After Control)
  • Rhyme - Beat, 777, Futoshi - Composer - Skulls Jr.(Former), Black(Former), Rust(beginning), Ivory(After Control)
  • Joshua - Hanekoma, Shooter, Yammer - Composer - Roy G. Biv(Former), Pink(Former), Gold(beginning), Rainbow(After Control)
  • Yammer - Shooter, Hanekoma, Joshua - Composer - Blue(between games), Turqoise(between games), Green(beginning), Blue 'n' Yellow(After Control)
  • Higgy - Don, Uzuki, Shiki - Composer - Y.H.(before TWEWY), Steroids(Former), Snow(beginning), Snow Camo(After Control)
  • Futoshi - 777, Rhyme, Beat - Composer - Tech(Former), F-Bomb(Former), Steel(beginning), Titanium(After Control)