The World Dance is a dance game. The songs is not completed.

Track list

  1. B: Boy
  2. G: Girl
Song Artist Difficulty Year Dancers Number of Dancers
Live It Up Owl City Easy 2013 B Solo
Scream & Shout ft. Britney Spears Hard 2012 B/G Duo
True Love P!nk Feat Lily Allen Hard 2013 G Solo
The Carpal Tunnel of Love Fall Out Boy Medium 2007 B/B/B/B Quator
50 Ways to Say Goodbye Train Easy 2012 B Solo
Nothing from Nothing Billy Preston Medium 1974 B/G Duo
Stick It to the Man Tow Cawte and the Electric Hearts Easy 2009 B Solo
Safe and Sound Capital Cities Medium 2011 B/B Solo
Love Somebody Maroon 5 Hard 2013 G/B/B/G Quator

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