The World is the (temporary) name of Pesh's home planet of the Pusher's Pile series. It is shaped by The Nic, a powerful deity made by The Fan.



4000 years ago, The Fan created a god who would create a nice world. His name is The Nic. After his creation, The Nic already shaped The World. As The Nic hasn't time to create everything he wants for a nice world before he would rest, he created a demigoddess, who would aid him. He called her Nnai-Sii. So, while The Nic created the landscapes, Nnai-Sii created the lifeforms: From Pouchets to Pushies to Stawmps to Stompies. Her first creation were her namesake: the Niceys. Niceys would bond everything positive together, including peace.

Little they did know, is that The Enemy forced The Fan to create a deity who was as powerful as The Nic, but made for a complete opposite reason: to create an evil world. His name was The Hazz. The Hazz was created at the same time as The Nic, so they're twin brothers. The Hazz was too lazy to create a new world, so he created Heh-Zii and broke some of The Nic's landscapes for fun. Heh-Zii had not enough power to create a new planet, so he created some species which would have malicious meanings, like the Opossnakes. The Hazzies wher Heh-Zii's first creation. The Hazzies were made to cause havoc around the planet. When the Nic rested, Nnai-Sii discovered The Hazz, who was being so lazy that he slept as well, and Heh-Zii who continued his work. With all the power she got, Nnai-Sii created a cage so the Hazzies won't cause havoc, and a sleeping curse on Heh-Zii so he would sleep for circa 4000 years. Heh-Zii's last thing he did was to create the Mega Hazzy, who would lead the Hazzies at his absence. The Mega Hazzy was put in a cage too. Nnai-Sii has hidden the cage in a place where no-one would come. Then she rested.

When The Nic and The Hazz awoke 2000 years later, the Nic discovered the broken landscapes and the mean creatures. He blamed the Hazz for this, who got the task to create an evil world, not to break the nice one. A war has begun between the two deities: the normal people were panicking. After a month, the war stopped because the two deities were tired, and slept another 2000 years. The people who lived there spent their lives to recreate the landscapes who were ruined.

Almost 2000 years later, just when Pesh was 5 years, a man with the name Eduard Vil Oldton (who was a professor with evil plans) discovered the cage with Hazzies. He decided to open it so he could rule the world by using the Hazzies correctly. However, after freedom, the Hazzies immediately swarmed out, lusted with wrath and havoc. Oldton decided to build a laboratory at the place, so he could make robots that would try to take over the world. Before he does that, he first wants to negotiate with the Hazzies. He knew that would take a long time.

Meanwhile, the Hazzies were driven back by Pesh's father. The Hazzies hid themselves in the ground. When they wanted to flee later, they still couldn't, since they accidentally put themselves in a tree. A lake circling around it, and a strong plate under the tree was enough to keep them there. They broke free when Pesh became an adult, where the series start.



  • Centria is the main location of The World, placed in the right center of the First Half Side of the planet. Centria is known for its mixed culture.
  • Nortipp is a continent north from Centria, that continues from the First Half Side to the Second Half Side. Nortipp is known for its Scandinavian-like culture.
  • Eastle is a continent east from Centria, that continues from the First Half Side to the Second Half Side. Eastle is known for its Asian-like culture.
  • Zudapple is a continent south from Centria, that continues from the First Half Side to the Second Half Side. Zudapple has a tropical climate in the north locations, but reaching Middle Zudapple is as cold as North Nortipp.
  • Westin is a continent west from Centria, that continues from the First Half Side to the Second Half Side. Westin has a North american-like culture, and is also desert-like.
  • Airtnec is the last continent, being placed in the center of the Second Half Side. It is wasteland-ish and has few population.

Countries and Regions


  • Pushopolis is the capital of Centria. It is placed in the center, just near the end of Conatia, and near the beginning of Signia.
  • Stompton is a village near Pushopolis. It is placed in the center, just near the end of Signia, and near the beginning of Conatia.
  • Oldton's Lab is found somewhere in northwest Centria.

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