The Assistant:Hello folks and welcome to another exciting show hosted by me and co-hosted by this guy.


The Assistant:Who cares?

The Apprentice:ME!

The Assistant:Remember that this is different then a normal show. In fact, this show is a totally unique show about colonies. This is...


The Apprentice: ... What?

The Assistant:So lets meet our two teams. Team Demos and Team Cobolt.

(a giant pit opens up from underground. A devil-ish creature, a small red horned human-ish frog and an angellic creauture with black wings jump out. The demon is Joe, the frog is Impa and the angel is Dark Pit.)

The Apprentice:So this is Team Demos. (smirks)

(a hole opens in the clouds and a black wolf comes out named Nightwolf, a muscular blue human, Argus, comes out and finally Wario comes out)

The Apprentice:What an odd choice of teammates for Team Cobolt.

The Assistant:The two teams will be competing in events for the next few days.At day 5 they will start having to fend for themselves. At day 10 only The Apprentice will be there, in case of emergencies. At day 20 they are by themselves in the wilderness. Finally at Day 30, they will be given supplies and maps to the volcano. First one to reach the volcano wins Aliver. Also at the end of every 3 days someone will be voted off. Who votes them off? Me, of course! Well, those are the rules.

The Apprentice: ... Aliver? Seriouslly?

The Assistant: Dont forget about my other great shows, Aliverman, Fan vs Wild, Fantendian Idol, Noob Nation, Sockpuppet Trackers, Usertendo's Got Talent, Dancing With The Sysops, Banned's Kitchen, Spade of Waffles, and Mythbanners.

The Apprentice:You have GOT to be kidding me.

The Assistant: I'm not.

Nightwolf: I appreciate you telling us the rules but I think the show should actually be about the contestants.

Argus: "friend right. nightwolf know what best. "

Nightwolf: Uh, yeah. (smiles at argus)

The Assistant: Oh yeah. So let's go look at team Demos's camp!

The Apprentice: How about next time?

The Assistant:Oh, right, short film reel. By

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