This is a list of staff. If you are a staff (all you have to do is make one chapter) then add yourself here.

  • StarSpiritShine: The head chief! Wrote most of the episode and has maintained the whole place
  • YoshiEgg (tbc): Introduced a main character (Broshi) and two very annoying characters (Dario and Yuigi!). Now updates every once in a while with an episode.
  • Micool26 (tbc): Helps with CYOA every once in a while.
  • Peanutjon (tbc): Writes episodes and introduced. . .who is he again? (Mysterious Guy)
  • Metroidfan01 (tbc): Developer of the RPG
  • Master Clyde Super (tbc): Somtimes writes for the CYOA and Deathmatches.

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