This is the rules page for writing episodes for The World.


  1. Have some kind of point. In an epic adventure sub-series, an episode where two men punch eachother than eat chicken may go inside a season where an event isn't going on or a short pre-episode of the episode your actually watching.
  2. Balance characters. Using your own Fantendo Characters is fine, but try not to use too many of your own or too many official ones. Keep in mind that The World does not own any Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Sonic, etc. Characters.
  3. No spamming. Don't post spam episodes.
  4. No claiming to invent a story. Unless you actually made it. Ripping off a BOTVGH episode and replacing it with The World chars..... EPIC FAIL!
  5. It's for the kids. Don't put in anything that you couldn't say to a three-year-old. Violence is fine as long as it's not suggestive.
  6. Don't kill off any characters.... That is, without asking the creator of that character.. Random characters like the Airport Guards can be killed as long as they don't matter to the story, or are final bosses or enemies. (Besides, everyone who's killed will probably be back again next season)
  8. PLEASE don't use this to insult other users. Humiliating other users on The World is not fun unless that user has agreed or your not trying to humiliate them, just make a good story.
  9. Images are not required. But keep in mind if you don't put in the image you want in your episode than it may be replaced by Leety or another The World Author as any image they desire, as long as it agrees to the rules!

That's all for now.

Request a Rule!

If you are a staff (to become a staff is easy, just make an episode that agrees with the above rules) then you can add a rule. Not a staff? Think that people are making episodes you find offensive? Request a rule to be added, or taken off the list, here!


Q:What is the world?

A:It's a bunch of stuff.

Q;No, in more detail, please.

A:I told you! It's a bunch of stuff!

Q:O....K.... what kind of stuff?

A:You know, kinds of stuff.


A:You know what, just shut up.

Q:I thought you were gonna answer my question!

A:Fine, fine. It's mainly a series of fan-fictions in script format, but it expanded to a Comix, a Card Game, Character Gallery, Handbook, TCG, CYOA, Virtual World, Deathmatch Gallery, Writer List, and much more.

Q:Anything else?

A:No, your question time is up!

Q:...what? How do you cram that much gram?


Q:Go away.


Character List

See here for more.

Styles of Writing

  • Script:Script style writing for main episodes. Say who's talking and then what they say.
  • Comix:Images of all sorts and sizes.
  • Ya ya bla bla bla bla:This style does not exist. You didn't just read that.
  • Deathmatch: Novel-style writing where two dudes (sometimes moar) battle and the such. Notice that deathmatch-type episodes can be in the comix as well as the script, CYOA, whatever. But novel-style is for teh deathmatch.... how did I cram that much gram?


See here for more.

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