WarioWario WaluigiBrawl Waluigi
Not pictured: Maloner, Mayor Bob, a bunch of Mini-Bobs

Wario:WAAAAHAHAHAHA! (runs into the village of Bob's City)

Mayor Bob:I am MAYOR BOB!!!

Wario:That's too bad! I'm gonna steal your stuff!

Mayor Bob:Mini-bobs, ATTACK!

(a giant army of mini-bobs appear)


(waluigi appears)

WaluigiBrawlWaluigi! Come over here!

Wario WAAAAAARIO! (runs over to Waluigi)

WaluigiBrawl:So Wario, you need to-a follow-me! This dudette wants to talk to you!

Wario WHERE?

Maloner:That would be me. You must gather 7 Ztar Zrites for no apparent reason. GO!


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