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Wario: (runs past, really, really fast. suddenly a bullet bill hits him right in the chin) OWOWOWOWOWOW! (looks around but sees no bullet bill cannons, and it's in wide open space.)

?: Heh heh heh......

Wario: Who said that....

(shadowy shape runs behind Wario, Wario turns around and a bullet bill hits him in the chin)

Wario: OWCH!

?: Bwahahahaha.....

Wario: (notices a castle that pops out of nowhere)

King Bullet Bill: (appears out of the castle) I AM KING BULLET BILL! And this is my mysterious domain. The traveling teleporting castle! Now I shall hit you! With bullet bills! (bullet bill shoots out of the castle and hits Wario in the chin)

Wario: Oh, no...

Count Canolli: Oh yes!

King Bullet Bill: That was weird. Anyway, MORE BULLET RAIN! (twelve bullet bills shoot out and hit Wario in the chin)

Wario: Moving on.....

King Bullet Bill: I will have my REVENGE!


Count Canolli: That was a short episode.

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