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(Wario walks into village)

Wario:So this is your stupid village?

Shroombaria: It's not st-st-stupid........ WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Wario: Did I hurt your feelings? GOOD!

(fair-colored kirby pops out of nowhere)

Drawkey: OK, that's it. I'm bored.

Wario: Who are you?

Drawkey: Don't talk to me that way. I can change what you say.

Wario: No you can't.

Drawkey: Yes I can.

Wario: No you can't.

Drawkey: This is your final warning!

Wario: You can't warn me!

Drawkey: (snaps fingers)

Wario: You are my master. I will obey you.

Drawkey: Heh heh heh.

Wario: How do you do that?

Drawkey: Nevermind that. Just take this hammer, smash the block and run past really fast.

Wario: OK. (takes the hammer) YOU GOT THE HAMMER! DADADADADADADUN!

(Wario smashes block and runs past really fast)

Wario: He was right!

Jr. Troopa: HEY! You gave him that so he didn't have to fight me!

Drawkey: Of course I did.....

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