The Assistant:Hello and welcome to the first annual Fantendo Official World Olympics also known as FOWO. I will be your announcer today and the referee is my buddy here.

The Apprentice:I`m NOT your buddy! **** IT!

The Assistant:Yes you are.

The Apprentice:No I'm not!

The Assistant:What a great friend. Anyway there are only three competitors today and they are The Fan The Enemy and Frog.

The Apprentice:(scowls when he says The Fan and The Enemy)

The Assistant:So let the games begin!

The Apprentice:The first game is Hot Dog Eati- wait, what? Hot dog easting, seriously?

The Assistant: Of couse!

The Fan:This should be easy.

The Enemy: Yeah me and my brother havent eaten a thing since our adventure started.

Frog:You ate a bagel.

The Enemy:How did you know that?

The Balance: (walks in) Hey! Whats going on here? Hot dogs are my favorite food!

The Assistant:Get out of here! Now then , The Fan has eaten 30 hot dogs. The Enemy has eaten 2 and Frog...


The Assistant:Hey cameraman! How did he-

The Apprentice:Don't ask him. Look, I saw. Frog enchanted the plate to feed Frog the hot dogs.

The Assistant:Is that against the rules?

The Apprentice:What rules? The Fan tortured me until I-

The Assistant:Ha ha! Funny joke, yeah. (whispers the next part) Shut up! That "never happened" got it?

The Apprentice:Sigh.... So Frog wins. The next event is Flipnote Making.

  • Frog:1
  • The Fan:0
  • The enemy:0

The Fan:Flipnote? Ok I,ll use Reflex Paint 82 with Yuk Shading in Tyedye Color on size 5 red paper, animation off, game on, 2000 pages max speed92-

Frog:I think he means flipnote from the year 2010.

The Fan:Whaaaat? But this doesn't have 72 colors...


The Assistant:My buddy here will be judging each flipnote.

The Apprentice:I'm not your buddy!...oh well....

The Assistant:First off the enemy made a legend show.

The Enemy:Yeah, thats what I do. Legends.

The Assistant:It appears to be the legend of the Darktendoverse and how much it rocks. Good job, Mr. Enemy!

The Enemy:Uh, ok.

The Apprentice: You do realize I'm not in this legend at all, however I am a key part to your history. Stupid Enemy, making me..... (mumble mumble)

The Assistant: Second is The Fan who gave up because he couldn't use the Game Mode.

The Fan: But Metal Wars vs. Untitled Story would be so cool.....

The Apprentice: Weak.

The Assistant: And now for a quick poll!

Should there be a Metal Wars vs. Untitled Story MWvUS series on Flipnote Hatena? (Don't vote if you don't know what these things are)

The poll was created at 01:22 on February 1, 2010, and so far 3 people voted.

The Assistant: And we are back!

The Fan: That was pointless. You didn't even ask to use they're names on Fantendo.

The Apprentice: Well, that's okay, I- (Enemy scowls at The Apprentice) I mean, You all disgust me.

The Fan: OK then..... (stares at The Enemy suspiciously)

The Enemy:What?

The Assistant: Finally, Frog made-

Frog: The greatest thing ever! Only a heartbreaking action-adventure super-long stick fight with tons and tons of pages and lots of awesome sound, all piled together in a deliciously delicious mouth-watering combo, download cost FREE!

The Fan: How did he-

The Apprentice: I guess Frog wins again.

  • Frog:2
  • The Fan:0
  • The enemy:0

The Fan: What!

The Apprentice: The final event appears to be "Line Stealing". The rules are, steal lines from other people. The best stolen line wins.

The Fan: OK.

Playtimes over...... CHAOS CONTROL!
The Fan, Quoting Shadow the Hedgehog

The Enemy, Quoting The Apprentice

The Apprentice: Th-that's my line!

It's-a me, a Dario!
Frog, Quoting Dario

The Apprentice: It looks like The Fan has won-

The Fan: Yes! (gets really excited so his skin coloring breaks off revealing he was using ultimate angelic power )

The Apprentice: Well, the Fan is disqualified.

The Assistant:How did you know?

The Apprentice: There actually WAS a rule against using Extra Forms. And since choosing The Enemy is out of the question because you can't quote anyone who's in this years FOWO, it looks like Frog won.

  • Frog:3
  • The Fan:0
  • The enemy:0

Frog:Thank you, thank you.

The Assistant:This has been another great FOWO! The Frog has won an award for this and will be put on his The World Character Page when he gets one.

Audience: BLEH!



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