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Season One (finished!)

Season Two (pretty much finished)

Season Three (coming soon!)

Paper Wario Sub-Series (based on Paper Mario, not done yet!)

  • I Baked a Pie For You by 1337doom (Princess Pink bakes a pie for Wario, but is all as it seems?)
  • Shroomba Village by 1337doom (Wario goes to Shroomba Village. A short chapter!)
  • The Hammer by 1337doom (The battle with Jr. Troopa is skipped thanks to our "friend" the mysterious Drawkey!)
  • King Bullet Bill by 1337doom (King Bullet Bill introduces a running gag......)
  • Welcome to Bob's City by 1337doom (Wario goes to Bob's City to find out he needs to go save Ztar Zrites)

FOWO (one every year)

Aliver (not finished)

  • Episode 1 by 1337doom (The tribe teams are introduced, and the Assistant rambles on.....)
  • Episode 2 by 1337doom (We take a look at the two camps and how they are faring.)
  • Episode 3 by 1337doom (It's DAY THREE! And thus, the first challenge comes)

Comix Episodes

See The World/Comix.

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