As the sun appeared among the darkness, Mario awoken. "Yes! It's time. Luigi, wake up! The deathmatch is today!" said Mario to his sleeping brother, Luigi. "Really? That was-a fast! I barely slept... maybe some pancakes would help?" replied the dozing hero to his waker, who crossed his arms and agried: "Sure... but you better win!". As Luigi prepared his bed, Mario relunctantly made him breakfeast. "Thanks-a very much!" happily mumbled Luigi, all while shoving pancakes in his mouth.

At Paper Wario's house, it was different. "Big bro! You overslept! You've missed the deathmatch and prize!" hollered the trickster, Paper Waluigi, to his brother. This was more then enough to wake him up; and the changed clock went with his prank. "Oh no! One million coins, all-a gone because I overslept!" screamed the man in yellow, which ecoed through the mansion. "Haha! I-a got you! There is still 6 hours to-a go!" laughed Paper Waluigi, who was quickly tackled by Paper Wario.

At the World Arena, the Assitant was preparing for the deathmatch.

"Why are we doing this, master..."
"The Enemy. Remember? Thanks to this...."
"You'll be the most powerful entity in the universe. yadayadayada."
"Don't sass me! Do you want to end up like the Yuigi fellow? I'd of replaced you if the Fan haden't won..."
"Oh no! I, uh, never meant to be mean. Just making sure that I was correct, err, ya. So... are you going to suck my life force out?"
"Likely not... at least until we have a new winner. I'll think about it..."

With this 'threat', the Assitant hurried off to set the traps and weapons. Little did the two know, the Apprentice saw....

After exiting the shower, Luigi was surprised to see Mario with alot of crazy gadgets and gizmos. "I'm-a gonna help you! I'll look from the disance and tell you-a what to do. We'll-a be sure to get-a the million coins! Think-a how many mushroom pancakes you can-a get with that!" yelled the excited guy. "Uh... OK" replied Luigi, not sure what to make of the strategy. Was that allowed? Would he get in trouble? And what if the clumsy plumber told him to use the wrong move? Maybe he shouldn't agree...

"I don't need to-a train! I am the most powerful being in all of the-a Mushroom Kingdom!" yelled Paper Wario to his purple paper pal. "Um... OK. But maybe you can take this potion... to help? It tastes garlicy" replied the tall Paper Waluigi, and handed the potion to Wario. "Garlic! GIMEGIME" screamed the greedy guy like a little girl. After gulping it down, he felt different. "So, uh... what does it do?" asked the worried mustachioed man, to whick Waluigi vervously replied "You'll see... but I bet it'll save your life..."

Princess Peach later arrived at the Mario bros house. "Are you ready, guys?" mumbled the Princess outside. "I'm-a ready!" yelled Mario, who was stumbling closer, surrounded with spy equipment. "I'm-a ready..." quietly said Luigi, who was walking out the door. "Come on! It's almost time..." screamed Peach, who had evidently picked up the Paper Wario bros. already. As Luigi jumped into the airship, he wondered. Should he do this? Would he die?

Sharing those thoughts was Paper Wario. Was it worth drinking some weird potion? What if he died? He'd rather lose a million dollars then his life, and he really wouldn't be losing it... he just wouldn't be gaining it, and he already had alot of coins. But still... a million coins is alot of money. Plus, if he quit, Luigi wouldn't have a chance at the money that he needed. "Stop it! Greedy is better!" suddenly yelled Paper Wario, who took a hammer and hit himself on the head just for thinking about not taking a million coins.

"So... they have arrived?" questioned the Enemy in a tone directed to the Assitant. "Yes... but I cannot find the Apprentice. Is that OK?" replied the even more questionable Assitant. "I suppose... but he should be found soon. There are already to many loose ends." said the eiree voice of the Enemy. "I have also put a lock on the doors. Once they enter, they can't get out. That way we can't have a tie or anything else like that. There is no way something unfortuanate will happen to US! Hahahahah..." hollared the Assitant, creepily.

"So.. this is-a the World Arena?" asked Luigi as they left the airship. Indeed it was... and so magnificant, too. It had been built centuries ago, but still stood. Many had marveled at it's amazing architectural achievements. "What a shame it's being used for cheap entertainment..." sadly muttered Princess Daisy, who had arrived ahead of time. "Sister!" yelled Peach, who ran to hug her. "Hey! We-a came here for da coins, not da soap opera! Move out-a the way..." yelled Paper Wario, who obviously had changed his mind due to the hammer to the head.

"Come on!" said a young Goomba, who showed them the way to the big Arena Door. "Enter here, and battle! It's easy," told the Goomba to the cousins, who shook hands. "Fair fight!" yelled both, and rushed in. On the other side, the Assistant was announcing the battle. "Welcome, ladies and gentleman, to the fight of a century! The great big yellow hulk, Paper Luigi, versus the super duped destroyer, Luigi!" yelled the humanoid creature, who pulled a switch. Suddenly, a big dome appeared above the Arenda.

As the crowd cheered, the Assitant disappeared out of thin air, and Luigi prepared for battle. "No-a hard feelings, cuz?" whispered Paper Wario to Luigi. "Yup. Just for the money... nothing mean," replied 'the super duped destroyer' back.





Paper Wario quickly got ready. He first rolled into a paper tube, and once he was stretched enough, let go. His body mass made him roll really fast, right toward Luigi. He then unwrapped, and fell on the plumber. Luckily, he rebounded, and threw a green fire ball. Paper Wario caught on fire, and ran around. Suddenly, he morphed into a ball, and rolled around the arena. "Oh no-a!" yelled Luigi, who had to contantly jump around Wario, who was rolling too and from the sides.

Then, out of the blue, Paper Wario turned metal, morphed into the form of a Bullet Bill and rammed straight toward Luigi. As Luigi realized the threat, it was barreling to him... fast. Too fast for him to move.

What will happen next? Will Luigi die? Why was the Assitant working for the Enemy? What's up with the Apprentice? What does the potion do? Will Mario help or hinder Luigi? Are there too many questions? Find out on the next episode!

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