The Almighty Fan was ready for his first fray into the deathmatches, which were oddly named, because, seriously, nobody ever died in one. Meanwhile, Broshi was also ready for a fight. The Assistant's voice rang over the arena. "OK PEOPLE! ITS TIME FOR..... DEATHMATCHES! IN THIS ROUND, THE FAN AND BROSHI WILL BE BATTLING!" Everyone cheered at the news. "ALTHOUGH YOU GUYS ALL KNOW WHO WILL WIN THIS. I MEAN, SERIOUSLY, THE FAN IS A DEMI-GOD!" A bunch of small humans ran past the announcer booth. "AND, GUESS WHAT? WE WILL HAVE A GUEST APPEARANCE BY.... NO ONE!" The audience was confused. "THAT'S PHOENIX WRIGHT, FOLKS! WE WILL BE HAVING NO ONE FIGHT WITH OUR HEROES! SO LET THE CARNAGE BEGIN!" "That was cheesy" said The Apprentice.

The Fan went after Broshi with a bunch of giant blasts. And so, Broshi was helpless. Until, No One shot a giant laser at The Fan and Broshi, knocking them both out.


No One collected his prize and was very famous.


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