Dario and Yuigi jumped into the arena. The Assistant's voice rang over the halls. "HELLO AND WELCOME TO THE VERY FIRST DEATHMATCH! FEATURING TWO EXTREMELY STUPID PEOPLE!" Dario and Yuigi looked around, wondering where the stupid people were. "IN THE PLAID CORNER.... DARIO!" Dario jumped into the air and yelled, "How do you cram all that gram?" "IN THE ARGYLE CORNER.... YUIGI!" Yuigi tunneled underground and said, "whackamole!" "THESE TWO PEOPLE ARE VERY STUPID, AND ARE BROTHERS! AND THUS, I WILL STOP TALKING IN CAPS!" A piano played "dunh dunh dunh DUN!" over the whole arena. The Apprentice in a referee costume walked in. "OK people, fight, don't kill eachother, (even though it's called a deathmatch) and do whatever. I'm outta here." The Apprentice ran out for his lunch break at our sponsers. And now a word from our sponsers!


"Five dolla."

"Five dolla footlongs!"

And we are back! Dario didn't know he was fighting, so he punched himself in the chest. Yuigi also tried to kill himself. Then, Dario jumped back into the sky, and threw some gram and Yuigi, who crammed it. They fought and fought themselves, being really, really stupid. And that's when it happened. A bullet bill came out from nowhere and hit Dario in the chin, knocking him out of the arena. But The Apprentice wasn't there to call Yuigi the winner, so they waited.

Five hours later...

The Apprentice walked in eating a sandwich. "Yuigi wins" he said.


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