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Card Game Rulebook

How to Play

To play this game is pretty much the same as the Pokemon trading card game. Google "Pokemon TCG Rules" if you don't know them. However there are differences!

  1. Bench can store only 3 creatures
  2. Hand has only 5 cards at the beginning.

Card Game Card Making Rules

Most rules from the Comix and Episode rulebooks apply involving "No bad words, no profanity whatever" and stuff like that. However there are rules to making cards too!

  1. These rules do not apply to Not For Play Use cards like the ¤ card.
  2. Fossil Cards can not have more than 20 HP.
  3. Baby Cards can not have more than 40 HP.
  4. Basic can not have more than 60 HP.
  5. 1st Evolution can not have more than 100 HP.
  6. 2nd Evolution can not have more than 180 HP.
  7. Lvl. X can not have more than 500 HP.
  8. Fossil Cards can not attack.
  9. Baby Cards can not do more than 10 damage.
  10. Basic can not do more than 30 damage.
  11. 1st Evolution can not do more than 50 damage.
  12. 2nd Evolution can not do more than 70 damage.
  13. If you make an image for your card, there MUST be an image in the picture box, not just an image of the card.

Card List

Lists of cards people have made! You can make your own.

Card Templates

Fantendo Origins Character Cards

YoshiEgg Nook Character Cards

Nightwolf Character Cards

Characters by Peanutjon

Dashed Koopa Character Cards

Pokemon by Nintendo

Other Characters

Clyde Character Cards

Game Rooms

The game rooms where you duel are not yet open yet. Sorry! :)

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