(plane lands and FanHead, Enemy, and Broshi get out at Haten, 5 minutes later ???? and Stick Fighter sneak out)

IPhoneButton: Welcome to Haten, the first state of the United States of Hatena.

EnemyHead: There are others?

Black Yoshi: Sure, there's Boss Planet, Parody World, The Star Factory, Poke' Land, and many many more.

FanHead: He's right. Where'd you learn that?

Black Yoshi: Don't ask.

????: Heh heh heh....... Stick Fighter, go direct them to the info desk.

(Stick Fighter disguised as geico money runs in front of the heros and looks at the info desk)

FanHead:I think it's telling us to go to the info desk.

Enemy: (walks up) Can you tell us the list of citizens here who have four letters in there names?

Lady Behind Counter: Sure, there's Asis, Pika, Blue, Boss, King Frog-

FanHead: Did you say Frog?

Enemy: Is he small?

Lady:... Yes?

FanHead: Is this the mystery guy who hides in the dark?

Lady: How should I know?

FanHead: Guess the mystery is unsolved, for now.....

Enemy: Maybe they'll be a Season 2!

FanHead: That's stupid. Why would we make seasons? What is this, The Untitled Story?

(cow falls)

FanHead: What the.... someone else must be writing this!

Enemy: Yeah.....

Broshi: How come I don't get to talk much?

FanHead: QUIET YOU! Besides, they'll probably be like 20 episodes or something before a season 2.

To be continued?????

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