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(FanHead, EnemyHead, and Broshi are all sleeping in the Flipnote Plane)

FanHead: Ah, peace and quiet....

(A Frog walks up)


FanHead: What the.... aren't you extinct?

Frog: RIBBIT! (points up)

IPhoneButton: Please fasten your seatbelts.

EnemyHead: Uh, what's going- UGH! FROGS!

FanHead: Your scared of Frogs?

EnemyHead: Yes.

(???? appears under EnemyHeads seat)

????:Heh heh heh....... (speaks into walkie-talkie) Well, Money-err, I mean Stick Fighter, what are they doing?

Stick Fighter: (into walkie-talkie) They..... are putting on the seatbelts!

????: Why are they going to Haten anyway?

Stick Fighter: To find out who YOU are.

????: That's not good.

Frog: CROAK!

Broshi: (wakes up) Hey what's happening?

????:Wait, who's that?

Stick Fighter: It's a mysterious thing who doesn't like plumbers or something, I dunno.

????: Um, OK....

(EnemyHead drops piece of bagel he was eating right near ????)

????: Hey, this has wheat in it.... (turns bagel into wheat stalk) heh heh heh....

(later that night Broshi, FanHead and EnemyHead fell asleep again)

????: Here, tickle them.

Stick Fighter: (tickles Broshi with stalk of wheat)

Broshi: Ugh..... what? I feel like someones watching me...... wait it's just the money.

????: Told you the disguise would work!

Voice: We are to be experiencing slight turbulence...

????: Oh snap!

(plane rumbles and ???? goes flying in the air revealing who he is, but noone sees)

????: Sigh....

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