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Dario: It's-a-me, Dario!

Yuigi: And I'm-a-Yuigi!

Black Yoshi: Hey. It pains me to say that I'm those two idiot's Yoshi, Broshi.


Yuigi: Hey, everyone, it's-a-Broshi!!

(Dario & Yuigi clap and dance around like idiots uncontrollably.)

Black Yoshi: (Groans) Why me...? (Smacks self in face)

Dario: (Farts loudly and both he and Yuigi laugh)

(Dario and Yuigi whisper something to each other)

Black Yoshi: They'd better not...

(The Dario Bros. pop out from under a bush next to Black Yoshi and both fart in his face and laugh)

Black Yoshi: (Becomes more angry than ever and graons again, then devilishly smiles)

Black Yoshi: Hey, you guys... How about you try this power-up mushroom I just happened to find in a block...


Yuigi: Hey, everyone, Broshi-a-gave us a-something!

(The Dario Bros. clap and dance again, then Dario takes a bite of the mushroom)

Dario: (Laughs and points at Black Yoshi) Oh, Broshi! Did you put-a-poison in the mushroom again?

Black Yoshi: (Lying) Oh, noooo...

Yuigi: Hey, everyone, Boshi tried-a-killin' us again!

(The Dario Bros. dance and clap once again, then faint)

Black Yoshi: Yes! It finally worked! I have WAY more potential than being with these two bozos! I can escape!! (Runs away)

Black Yoshi: (Running) Next stop, the Airport!!

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