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FanHead: Here we are at DSi Airport!

EnemyHead: Hey look! There's the portal to the Flipnote Plane that will take us to Haten!

FanHead: OK let's go in.

(Stick Fighter jumps down)

FanHead: What...

Stick Fighter: (Uppercuts EnemyHead)

EnemyHead: OWCH!

Stick Fighter: (jumps on ground and kicks FanHead)

FanHead: (blasts Stick Fighter)

Stick Fighter: (grows three horns on back of head and points at ground)

Stickmen: (Bounce off the ground and surround FanHead and EnemyHead)

Stick Fighter: Kill them.

Stickmen: (they all leap at them)

FanHead and EnemyHead: (jump in air)

Stickmen: (all hit eachother)

Stick Fighter: Blast it! (blasts the FanHead and EnemyHead)

FanHead and EnemyHead: (combine strength and destroy Stick Fighter)

Stick Fighter: I WILL BE BACK!

FanHead: That took up like the whole chapter. Let's go into Flipnote.

(???? appears in darkness)

????: So they enter...... (creates a pile of money out of Stick Fighter's remains, Geico "who's watching you" theme plays) Now by using Hatena's random memes as disguise, nobody will know.... that it's Stick Fighter.

EnemyHead: I feel like a mysterious guy and a stick man disguised as a meme are watching us.

FanHead: Yeah right. Let's get in the portal.

Notice: I apologize for the random meme thing that happened here. You see, in several videos in Flipnote Hatena the geico money appears. I am making this for the plot and because it would totally work as a disguise in Flipnote Hatena. -Leety

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