Mg is hiding in the shadows. Black Yoshi and EnemyHead walk up, not noticing him.

Black Yoshi: So. . .where do we look?

EnemyHead: Why did I get stuck with you?

Black Yoshi: You said "Ok, Fan, you go with Frog over there. Me and Broshi will look over here."

EnemyHead: And I regret it.

Mg crawls over to a walkie-talkie.

Mg: Ok, Red Guy, they're in sight. They're about to enter the plane. Get them.

Shyguy: Got it, boss.

EnemyHead and Black Yoshi walk onto the plane. Shyguy jumps in front of them.

Shyguy: Stop right there, or face the wrath of I, RED GUY!

EnemyHead: . . .Who?

Shyguy: It is I, Red Guy!

Black Yoshi: . . .Who's Red Guy?

Shyguy: . . .Never mind. Just stop moving or face my gun!

Shyguy pulls out a water gun. Black Yoshi and EnemyHead freeze.

EnemyHead: Meh, why not?

EnemyHead shoots a laser at Shyguy. Shyguy's hat splits in half and he runs off.

Mg: Wha?! How did he. . .? Oh right. That's The Enemy, he has those abilities.

Mg crawls onto the plane, unnoticed by EnemyHead and Black Yoshi.


Mg creates more Shy Guys like Red Guy, but colored Blue, Green and Yellow.

Blue Guy: I'm Blue Guy!

Green Guy: Green Guy!

Yellow Guy: Yellow Guy!

All 3: Now die!

EnemyHead: Don't worry, my Yoshi friend.

He makes a laser shield around them. The Guys die trying to get past.

Black Yoshi: Well, now we know he's nearby.

Mg crawls away to find FanHead and Frog.

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