== The World/20==

The battle against the Dario Brothers begins.

Broshi: Wah Wah Wah Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! Get away from me!

Dario: Weeeeeeeeh!

Yuigi: Dweeeeeeeeeeeeh!

The Frog: Allow me to stop them for you. Summon!

The Frog summons two Stick Fighters.

The Frog: Destroy those two imbiciles for me!

The two Stick Fighters blocked the Dario Brothers` way.

Dario: I think it`s time for a fight to the night!

Yuigi: You got it!

The two Dario Brothers jumped over the Stick Figters but was then kicked by them from the back in mid-air. The Dario Brothers were smashed into a tree.

Dario: A game of catapult or golf?

Yuigi: Catapult!

Yuigi stands up while Dario kicks him to the Stick Fighters. One of the Stick Fighters punched Yuigi back to Dario and they kept repeating kicking Yuigi to each other until the Stick Fighters disappears. Yuigi was then smashed into a rock, leaving him lying on the ground.

Dario: Yay! I won! Go Dario! Go Dario! Go.....

But just before he could say it, he was kicked by the Stick Fighters into the air then both of them grabs Dario a. After a while, he landed on the same rock where Yuigi is.

The Frog: Anybody wants to finish him? It`s free of charge!

The Enemy: I will.

The Frog: Go ahead.

The Enemy prepares a powerful force then fires an energy blast at the Dario Brothers, sending them far, far away.


The Enemy: That was pathetic.

Broshi: You bet! They were 100% pathetic! Thank you The Frog.

The Frog: You are mostly welcome. Now, shall you help me?

Broshi: Yes! Yes!

The Frog: Follow me.

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