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FanHead: MMMPH!

EnemyHead: Still can't talk, eh?

FanHead: MMMPH!

EnemyHead: Well, then, I might as well remove the curse for a price...

FanHead: ...?

EnemyHead: You tell me who those eyes were in Chapter 1!

FanHead: *nods*

EnemyHead: (takes off the Quiet Demon)

FanHead: The person has a four-letter name, he's small, and can create things.

EnemyHead: Oh really. Well that thins the plot. A little. Who is he really?

FanHead: I don't know! I'm just the announcer.

EnemyHead: But this is the Fantendoverse so you created him.

FanHead: Actually, I scanned him as coming from a reigon of Nintendoverse called Haten.

EnemyHead: Haten?

FanHead: Yes, Haten. The DSi Airport can take us there.

EnemyHead: Fine, but I'm only coming with you because I really want to know.

FanHead: Great! Anyone else coming with us?



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