After the awards, Templatesmile laughs manically for no reason.

Templatesmile: HAHAHAHAHHAYou WILL be my friend!HAHAHAHAHHA!

Black Yoshiwalks up.

Black Yoshi: Whatcha doin'?

Templatesmile : Laughing.

Black Yoshi: Why?

Templatesmile: Cuz I want to. (Warps Broshi to where Dario and Yuigi are).


Dario: Look, Yuigi, it's Broshi!

Yuigi: You're right!


EnemyHead shoots a quiet demon on him.

EnemyHead: Finally!

Frog walks up.

EnemyHead: How'd you get out of the egg?

Frog: It broke when it landed.

Black Yoshi runs up screaming.

Black Yoshi: DON'T LET THEM GET ME!!!

He hides behind EnemyHead while Dario and Yuigi dance past.

EnemyHead: That was. . .unexpected.

Frog: Agreed. Anyway, why I'm here is because some mysterious person has been terrorizing my people and I need help. Will you and your friends help me please?

EnemyHead: Meh, why not.

Black Yoshi: As long as we stay away from Dario and Yuigi, I'm fine.

Dario and Yuigi run around the corner.

Dario: There he is!

Yuigi: Get him!


Black Yoshi runs away, followed by Dario and Yuigi.

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