It's a surprise and I'm lazy

1337doom: (walks on stage) Hello and welcome to The World Official Awards, also known as TWOA!

Cobweb: (walks on stage)

1337doom: I thought you were dead?

Cobweb: Moo. (runs away)

1337doom: I doubt that's actually Cobweb. Anyway, welcome to TWOA-

The Groo: I've gotta eat some o' those Tanookis!

1337doom: Your not The Groo either! Stupid imposters, get off the stage! Now, then, this is The Awards. Let's get right down to buisness, shall we?

Templatesmile You WILL be my friend!!!

1337dom: (pulls out a bazooka) OH ZUES NOOOOOOOOOOOO! (blasts Templatesmile) Get out of here!

Templatesmile (is immune to it, teleports 1337doom to another universe) Hello and welcome to TWOA. I will be your host tonight. {{{1}}} Keep in mind that I will not be inserting subliminal messages at all throughout tonight's show. {{{1}}} This show is sponsered by TMITBC, Inc. {{{1}}} I would like to thank The Man In The Black Cloak for helping me get here. {{{1}}} So without futher ado, let's start the awards. {{{1}}} The first award is for best main character. {{{1}}}


  1. The Fan
  2. The Enemy
  3. Frog
  4. Broshi

Templatesmile And the winner is...... {{{1}}} BROSHI! {{{1}}} Broshi, please come and receive your prize. {{{1}}}

Black Yoshi:(walks up) (Emotional) Oh, gosh... This is all so sudden... Um, I'd like to thank my mom, my dad, The Fan, all the cast members of The World and the staff. (Sniff) I'd like to UN-thank Dario & Yuigi, because they're the biggest dim-wits ever to walk the Earth. Thank you, everybodeh! (leaves)

TemplatesmileWow, he sure was emotional. {{{1}}}

EnemyHead Gee, what gave it away, how he sniffled or the fact that THE PARENTHESES SAID EMOTIONAL RIGHT BEFORE HE TALKED?

Templatesmile Quiet you. {{{1}}} The next award is Best Cameo Character, which means a character that didn't appear that much. {{{1}}}


  1. Stick Fighter
  2. The Apprentice
  3. Dario & Yuigi

Templatesmile And the winner is...... {{{1}}} A TIE! {{{1}}} The Apprentice and the Dario Bros tied. {{{1}}}

The Apprentice: (steps up) Great. (takes award) Goodbye. (walks away sadly)

(Dario & Yuigi walk up)

Dario: Hey, Yuigi!

Yuigi: Yeah, Dario?

Dario: We tied!!

(Both do their favorite idiotic dance)

Stick Fighter: (Punches Dario in the face and kicks Yuigi in the crotch)

Audience: (Cheers)

Templatesmile Wow, that was.... intertaining. {{{1}}} The next award is for Best Overall Character. {{{1}}}


  1. The Apprentice
  2. Stick Fighter
  3. The Fan
  4. Frog
  5. The Enemy
  6. Broshi

Templatesmile And the winner is...... {{{1}}} THE APPRENTICE! {{{1}}}

The Apprentice Sigh..... why does everyone like me so much? WHY? (grabs award and runs away maniacally)

TemplatesmileWhat's up with him? {{{1}}} Anyway, the next award is for Most Inventive Episode. {{{1}}}


  1. When Plotlines Collide
  2. Team FEB and The Frog
  3. Stick Fighter Gets Caught

TemplatesmileAnd the winner is..... {{{1}}} A TIE BETWEEN WHEN PLOTLINES COLLIDE AND TEAM FEB AND THE FROG! {{{1}}}

1337doom: (comes back) What the.... OH! I tied against myself! Cool! (takes award) So, yeah, I'd like to say thanks for voting for my episodes even though all three were mine and stuff and I won most of the episodes here and stuff. So yeah.

Templatesmile That's enough of you.{{{1}}} (teleports 1337doom back to wherever he was) The next award is for Best "Other" Episode, which is an episode not in normal continuity. {{{1}}} (FOWO, Aliver, Paper Wario, etc.) So here we go. {{{1}}}


  1. Welcome to Bob's City
  2. FOWO 2010
  3. King Bullet Bill

TemplatesmileAnd the winner is...... {{{1}}} KING BULLET BILL! {{{1}}}

1337doom: Yo. I enjoyed writing that episode, because of the running gag that it introduced and will soon dominate Season 3. So here we go! Goodbye!

TemplatesmileWhat an idiot. {{{1}}} The next award is for Best Overall Episode, and the nominees were the same as Most Inventive Episode. {{{1}}} And, guess what? {{{1}}} The same two episodes tied. {{{1}}}

1337doom: Coolio. I win moar.

TemplatesmileSo the next award is for Best Comix Short. {{{1}}} It would be Best Comix Series, but the real comix series haven't started yet. {{{1}}} So the nominees are..... {{{1}}}


  1. Short 1
  2. Short 2
  3. Short 3
  4. Short 4

Templatesmile And the winner is....... {{{1}}} A TIE BETWEEN SHORTS 2 AND 3! {{{1}}}

1337doom: What the....... Short 2 sucked terribly! But Short 3 was funny! Are you people voting randomly on this thing or something?

TemplatesmileI believe so. {{{1}}} The next award is for Best Deathmatch. {{{1}}} The nominees were....{{{1}}} DARIO vs. YUIGI and, well, some people thought Deathmatches sucked. {{{1}}} So the winner is..... {{{1}}} A TIE! {{{1}}}

1337doom: Another what the..... seriously, you guys ARE voting randomly to tie things, aren't you? AREN'T YOU??? Anyway, thanks! The deathmatches are always fun to write.

Templatesmile Yadda yadda yadda. {{{1}}} The next award is for Best Author, and the nominees are 1337doom, YoshiEgg, and Cobweb. {{{1}}}

Cobweb: Moo!

Templatesmile And the winner is.... {{{1}}} A TIE BETWEEN 1337DOOM AND YOSHIEGG! {{{1}}}

1337doom: Hooray! Lots of ties today!

YoshiEgg: Yup!

1337doom: Hey, that's not the author YoshiEgg

YoshiEgg: Yup!

1337doom: It's YoshiEgg Nook! We sent for the AUTHOR, people!


1337doom: You better be.


(OK, OK, so let's move on with the show!)

1337doom: Get on it, Parentheses Guy!


TemplatesmileThe next award is for Best Feature. {{{1}}}


  1. Card Game
  2. CYOA
  3. Deathmatches
  4. Comix

Templatesmile And the winner is.... {{{1}}} CARD GAME! {{{1}}}

1337doom:Thanks guys. As everyone knows, I knew I wanted Episodes, Comix, and a Card Game. I had no idea it would spread to a full-fledged CYOA, an upcoming Virtual World, and Deathmatches, along with everything else. What else can I do here as a new feature? Quote of the day? Who knows!

TemplatesmileThe final award is for Best Thing. {{{1}}} ANYTHING will go here. {{{1}}}


  1. 1337doom
  2. Cobweb
  3. YoshiEgg
  4. The Fan
  5. The Apprentice
  6. The Enemy
  7. Broshi
  8. Card Game
  9. CYOA
  10. General "The World" Idea

TemplatesmileAnd the winner is...... {{{1}}} GENERAL THE WORLD IDEA! {{{1}}}

1337doom: Wow, thanks guys! Wanna know how my idea of The World started? It all was based off of Battle of The Video Game Heroes, as well as Super Smash Stadium and Macc's HQ. As for the Comix, blame Neglected Mario Characters. Finally, the Deathmatch ideas are from Nintendo Land. The virtual world is all from IncrediBots and will be coming soon. Well, bye!

Templatesmile Thank you all for viewing the awards. {{{1}}} I have one thing left to say. {{{1}}}




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