Black Yoshi Broshi FanHead The Fan EnemyHead The Enemy Mario!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mario Larry Koopa 3DLarry Koopa Lemmy Koopa 3DLemmy Koopa KoopalingsAnd the rest of the koopalings!
Not pictured: 1337doom, YoshiEgg, Cobweb, Harry Koopa, Beary Koopa, Jerry Koopa

Black Yoshi:Wow! I can't believe the awards are almost here! Hey, who's writing this episode?

1337doom:That would be me, fellow broshi!

Black Yoshi:OH! Hi, 1337doom! What's the rest of the guys doing?

1337doom:They will be here later. I'm here to make sure you folks have a great awards pre-show so that we can set up for the awards, which is setting up for the... NEW PLOT!

(suddenly, Koopalings crash through the wall)

Larry Koopa 3D:HAHAHAHAHA!


FanHeadThese guys wouldn't have anything to do with the plot, would they?

Koopalings No, we're just here to help, actually.

EnemyHead Let's KILL THEM!

Larry Koopa 3D GAH! NO! We want to tell you about the new people!

(Harry, Beary, and Jerry Koopa's crash through the wall) BLARGH! (Beary Koopa not to be confused with Super Beary Bros. series. Jerry Koopa not to be confused with Jerry)

Black Yoshi Oh. Who are these guys?

Harry:Prepare for trouble!

Beary:Make it triple!

Harry:To destroy the world, to bring devastation!

Beary:To light things on fire, and burn every nation!

Harry:To destroy the evils of truth and love!

Beary:To cause chaos in the stars above!




All 3:Surrender now or prepare to fight!

Jerry:That's riiiiite!

Koopalings These guys are the bad guys.....

Mario!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I want-to-a help-a too!

1337doom:Be quiet. Anyway, you three heroes will be battling these idiots in an adventure in season 3. Now go away!

Black YoshiWhatever.


YoshiEgg:How did it go? Did we warn them?

1337doom:Not really.

Cobweb:Ah well. It will all come in good time....

1337doom:I thought you were dead???

Cobweb:Ah, yes, my un-written episode..... (pretends to be dead again)

YoshiEgg: That was random.

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