FanHead Still waiting........

Black Yoshi Your telling me. No more time machines are gonna-

(Time Machine crashes, and Nicky and Paul from Megaman Universe 3 appear.)

Nicky: Woah!

Paul: We're going home, Nicky! Now!

Nicky: But bro, I.....

Paul:C'mon, we're going to go research some stuff here or something.

Black Yoshi Nows our chance! We can sneak in!

FanHead Yeah, yeah... but we can't let them know we-

EnemyHead (blasts Nicky and Paul) BLEHHEHEHEHEHE!

FanHead Or we could do that.

Black Yoshi Oh well. We'll shove them into the Big Bang and get in the time machine.

EnemyHead OK then. (throws them into Big Bang and jumps in Time Machine)

Time Machine: (disappears along with our heroes)

A while later, we see Broshi, The Fan and The Enemy standing in front of ????

EnemyHead Found you!

???? HA! I shall now reveal to you all who I am....... (steps out of shadows)


Black Yoshi Who?

FanHead Oh yeah, we battled him at the FOWO 2010. (Fantendo Official World Olympics 2010)

Black Yoshi Oh.

Frog TIME FOR YOU TO DIE! Even though I'm only a villain in The World, but....


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