Silence. Things ceased to exist in the digital universe. The mysterious ???? had trapped our heroes before the DBB. Nothing to do, they talked.

FanHead: Hey Enemy, couldn't we just transport to the Dumbtendoverse? Come on, help us out!

Enemy: I would, but one, why should I help you and two, I could go there but not to our time. It would look just like this, until my self from our times past created the Dumbtendoverse, and he'd see me. Then he'd be really confused, and if we touched, we'd explode, because time travel converts you to anti-matter. Finally, I'd die before my universe was created anyway. What year is it? Broshi, do you know?

Broshi: Well, I think it's about 1 before the DBB starts.

FanHead: WHAT? NO! If we're made of anti-matter then when it starts we'd explode anyway. We've got to get away first!

Enemy: Yes but what if we're the creatures who start the big bang? Nobody else is here right now, so it has to start somehow. If we go back to our time without activating it then it would look JUST like this.

Broshi: Then we have nothing to do but wait for our deaths.

FanHead: No, we're demi-gods. We can unlock you from a non-moving grasp.

Broshi: Then do it.

FanHead: Kay. (snaps fingers) Ok, we're free, let's find one, the start of the big bang and two, a time travel mechanism. We'll use them at the same time.

Broshi: How about over there? (points at shining light)

Enemy: Well, there's the big bang. Now we need a time travel mechanism.



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