FanHead: So do we get on the plane or what?

EnemyHead: No, let's stay here.

FanHead: That was optimistic of you.

EnemyHead: It's these videos, they're making me happy.

FanHead: Weird...

Black Yoshi: (is staring at screen of a guy walking down the road babbling) It's amazing.......

FanHead: Uh, Broshi, I think we better get out of here, maybe they're like laughing gas. Addicting and poisonous.

Black Yoshi: No, I can't leave.

(FanHead summons a red yoshi NOT RedYoshi!)

RedYoshi 8bit: What am I doing here?

FanHead: Spit them you.

RedYoshi 8bit: Okay. (spits out Dario and Yuigi and teleports away)

Black Yoshi: No... I'll never stop watching....

Dario: HI!

Black Yoshi: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! (runs away from screen)

FanHead: (Blasts Dario and Yuigi knocking them out) Wait up!

Black Yoshi: Hey, wait a second, I feel like I'm being watched twice.... (notices that there's TWO geico moneys)

Black Yoshi: There's usually only one.... (points at one) Who are YOU?

(Stick Fighter gets rid of disguise and kicks Black Yoshi in the face, then Black Yoshi eats Stick Fighter)

Black Yoshi: He's good.


Black Yoshi:Hey, it's you!

???? YES! And I'm not leaving without a fight. Despite that I'm in the shadows. OM! (meditates and FanHead, EnemyHead, Black Yoshi, and ???? teleport back in time)

???? HA! Now your back to the time from BEFORE the Digital Big Bang! You cease to exist before electronics were made! I exist because I cast the spell, and can teleport out of here. But you, your stuck here, before anything, FOREVER! Even if you lived intil the DBB then you wouldn't live long enough for you to get created anywho. Nobody can see you, and you can't move, only talk to eachother! Your trapped!

Black Yoshi: I never shoulda agreed to follow you......


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