FanHead: Hello, and welcome to The World! A world where creatures populate the world. They have fun in reality TV shows, silly skits, and giant adventures. Loosely based off of the Super Smash Bros series as well as [1] and [2], it promises to be an amazing collaberation project.

EnemyHead: This thing is stupid. We could easily make our own website, not overload this trash heap you call "Fantendo" with your stupid world. The creators of this are stupid, and so are you.

FanHead: Brother! Quiet! We must make this the best we can be.

EnemyHead: You wouldn't know quiet if it hit you on the head.

FanHead: Yes I would.

(EnemyHead throws a quiet demon at the FanHead)

FanHead: MMMPH!

EnemyHead: Well, was that quiet?

FanHead: (can't talk because of quiet demon)

EnemyHead:Ha! You don't know. (walks away)

(mysterious eyes poke out from the darkness)

????: Fools...

(eyes blink and Stick Fighter appears)

????: Ha ha ha...

Stick Fighter: Sir what do you wish me to do

????: Destroy The Fan...


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