The World's Strangest Fighting Game () is an upcoming original 3D fighting game that will be developed by Sactown Studios. The game was confirmed to be in development on August 18th, 2015 during a Sactown Studios direct. As the name implies, the game is intended to be a major department from "mainstream" fighting games such as Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Fatal Fury/King of Fighters, Tekken, Dead or Alive, and the Super Smash Bros. Series. As such, the game is intended to be less serious than the typical mainstream fighters, and as unrealistic as possible. This is shown in the trailer for the game, as characters can be flattened as if they were pancakes, blown up by dynamite but only shown to be burnt rather than blown apart, and body parts such as noses getting pulled as if they were made of rubber. The game is currently aiming for a possible 2017 or 2018 release. Sactown Studios has confirmed that the reason for this release date is to allow for a fighter suggestion in a fighter ballot to determine new fighters to be playable in the game. Only two fighters have been revealed so far.


The World's Strangest Fighting Game is a hybrid of the style of various arcade fighting games such as Street Fighter, where players would be defeated if their life bar ran out, and the concept of stronger attacks by inputting special codes with the buttons. In addition, the hybrid concept also incorporates elements introduced in the Super Smash Bros. series such as four special moves, star kos, screen kos, and the use of items. As far as original gameplay elements go, the game introduces new concepts such as characters being able to be flattened, having body parts being stretched, and dynamite not being able to kill the characters. All characters can use combos in various ways, and when enough combos are preformed



Every year, various people from around the world participate in "The World's Strangest Fighting Tournament", a fighting tournament in which the most unusual and wackiest fighters come together to show off fighting styles that otherwise would never be allowed in "normal" fighting tournaments. Because of this, many people around the globe tune in to see what unorthodox methods will be used by the participants to spice up the battle. However, a psycho religious cult leader has had enough of the strangeness, and aims to end the world's enjoyment of the tournament by taking down the fighters along with the help of his "allies" who claim they are doing the world a favor. Now, the fighters must take down the cult leader in order to get their tournament back!

Starting Characters

Name Bio Home Stage
Grandma Armstrong & Little Armstrong Jr. A granny who was alive and well during the civil rights movement, and a former black panther! Despite being 75 years old, this granny ain't afraid to bring out her karate skills, her purse and her secret shotgun! Her newborn grandson appears to be quite intelligent for a one year-old boy, and has his own arsenal ready for  a fight! Family bonding is lovely isn't it? What do you mean its not okay to have a grandma and a baby as a tag-team duo? You ever heard of the term anything-goes martial arts?

Oakland, CA, USA

Nurse Ibuki A nurse from a chain of islands far off in the west of Japan. She's only 21 years old, but she's married, and makes that quite clear to every guy she sees, even if they had no intent of hitting on her in the first place! She makes this clear by using her weapons of mass destruction, which are very powerful shots that can cause a variety of side effects. Such weapons as those make you question why she's legally allowed to participate in a fighting tournament. Kyoto, Japan
Skater Tyler A skater who seems to be quite reckless to the point where he's managed to turn injuring himself into a crazy form of martial arts. His "technique" somehow manages to allow himself not to injure himself. In addition to his martial arts, he can use weed, and vapors to blind his opponents, and make them high. Seriously, who decided to dedicate a fighting tournament to these weirdos?

Venice Beach, CA, USA

Nurse David A male nurse who is actually quite infatuated with Skater Tyler, and is his biggest fan. He often deals with Tyler as a patient, and travels the world in the hope of winning Skater Tyler's love. Unlike Nurse Ibuki, who relies on shots, Nurse David can use objects such as bandages, and chlorophyll to his advantage! I wonder if he's ever considered just simply asking Skater Tyler on a date? Venice Beach, CA, USA
Sadie Morrison A middle-aged woman who simply adores cats, a little too much.... a little too much, that she has somehow inexplicably managed to train her cats to attack opponents in various ways! Enjoys calling the cats, "her children", and somehow, using your cats is allowed in a fighting tournament, lovely! New York City, New York, USA
Coach Gary Felding A short, and squat soccer coach who resides in the UK. His temper can cause various objects such as soccer balls to set on fire, and end up burning opponents. He's always angry about something, and rumor has it that its because he's short. His anger can range from almost anything, but the thing that ticks him off the most, is when someone calls football, soccer. London, England
Maria Alejandra Rubiano A Colombian Opera Singer who has manged to mix up both Opera Singing, and the salsa into a clever fighting style that makes you feel embarrassed that you're basically getting your ass kicked by someone who can sing and dance.... or get turned on by it.... Don't worry, I'm not gonna judge you're tastes in women. Bogotá, Columbia
Harriet Mandela An older Aboriginal woman who resides in Australia and quite renowned for her fantastic cooking skills that make even the most hostile of enemies, actually put aside their differences to sit down and eat. Her reason for entering the tournament is for that exact reason, to get people from around the world to stop fighting and sit down and eat! All I'm gonna say is that she better know how to make some good tasting Korean Fried Chicken! Oh, and not turn the opponents into food! Sydney, Australia
Sarah Golden A ballerina dancer from Chicago who has perfected the art of Ballerina Dancing into an interesting style of fighting, mainly for the idea of kicks being incorporated into her moveset. Chicago, Illinois, USA

Boss Characters

Upon the defeat of the other playable fighters in tournament mode, the player will then face six bosses that are more challenging than the actual fighters. Five of these bosses are "lackeys", and the final boss is the main antagonist and the one responsible for the game's events.

Name Bio Home Stage
Frankie "The Soccer Mom" Goldhor A typical Midwestern, Christian Soccer Mom who believes that her children shouldn't be exposed to the World's Strangest Fighting Tournament, and has joined forces with Father Jordon in eliminating the fighters at all costs. Her attacks include loud whistles, yelling, screaming, kicking soccer balls, flattening people with mini-vans, slapping, forcing the opponent to eat vegetables, and "other wholesome influences". Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Rhonda "The Annoying PopStar/Actress" Austen A popstar who preforms annoying, terrible, and just downright run-of-the-mill music. Did I also mention that she's terrible at making movies as well? She beleives that the World's Strangest Fighting Tournament is stupid, and takes away her "fans", and she believes its way too violent and leaves a bad influence on children. Her attacks include stiff acting, and singing, terrible singing.... really terrible singing
The Senator A Southern, Republican senator who believes that a strange fighting tournament is out of line with the "Southen Christian Values" he believes in. Despite his efforts, people have ignored his attempts at banning the tournament, and he has decided to get rid of the fighters at all costs. His attacks include guns, Confederate flags, and crosses. Miami, Florida, USA
Ayann "The Social Justice Warrior" Finn A young woman who does nothing but write blogs about her view of the world, and how things such as video games, cartoons, and anime are "sexist". Her recent attack on the World's Strangest Fighting Tournament has made her a part of the team to take down the fighters at all costs. Her attacks include blogging, complaining, using foul language, and changing her hair color for her mood. Toronto, Canada
Comissioner Morrison The comissioner of the corrupt Chicago Police Department, and a man who does nothing but eat donuts, and eat.... and eat.... despite all of this eating, he seems to have joined forces with Father Jordon.... maybe, it's just because he wants more money for his eating habits.... Chicago, Illinois, USA
Father Jordon The main antagonist of the game, and the one responsible for the events in the game. His hatred of the World's Strangest Fighting Tournament is due to the fact that his cult's history states that wackiness is unacceptable, and that the world must follow the cult. His attacks many bizarre powers that are unlike the particpants! TBA