The Wolf: The Hunt Begins
Developer(s) Phazonworks Engineering Division
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) RiiVolution Advance
Age Rating(s)
T (Violence, Blood, Suggestive Themes)
Genre(s) Stealth, Action, Beat-'Em-Up, Fantasy, Free-Roam.
Series The Wolf
Successor The Wolf: The Seven-Trial Journey

The Wolf: The Hunt Begins is a game released for the RiiVolution Advance; based on a decent selection of classic literature, this game focuses on a character named "the Wolf".

Set in the waning years of the 1800s, it tells the tale (get it? Tale? Because the protag is based on a wolf?) of the Wolf, an armored hero that has put away the most wanted criminals this world has ever known; but as the world turns into the new century, tensions arise and the whole of Europe is thrust into chaos as the whole of every nation hovers on the brink of war. Several attacks are marked with the use of highly advanced weaponry, which has each assaulted country clamouring for the weapon that assailed them.

Wolf knows the man behind these attacks as the Phantom, a mysterious masked individual who desires to profit from the war to come by selling the weapons he has unofficially revealed to the world; mustering all his strength, the Wolf that hunts the black sheep prepares to embark on the hunt of his life.


Name Role Voice Actor Base Description
The Wolf Protagonist Matthew Mercer
  • The "Big Bad Wolf" (Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs)

A mysterious armored vigilante, he has tracked down and captured the worst criminals in history, including the notorious Swinely Brothers (each with a fondness for different loot), the serial killer Marcus McDonald, and the master assasin simply known as the "Scarlet Hood". He has faced many a challenge, but with the operations of a shady criminal mastermind simply known as the "Phantom", he may face his greatest yet as the Phantom's plot threatens the security of the entire world.

The Phantom Antagonist Robin Atkin Downes
  • Phantom of the Opera, ???

A mysterious arms dealer who's been dealing in some very new and very deadly advanced weapons, little is known about the Phantom other than he has a tightly-knit inner circle and a private army of ruthless men that share his vision for the world united under him and his army; he claims that even the Wolf won't stop him from achieving his ultimate goal, but I think we all know how this story's going to work out in the long run.

Big Bear Secondary Antagonist Fred Tatasciore
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh

One of the most notorious for-hire criminals the world had to offer, before his fall from grace Big Bear once trained with the Hundred-Acre Guardians himself (the same orginization that trained the Wolf) and his training has made him one of the world's most wanted and high-priced criminal enforcers; that training has also helped him elude the Wolf and escape from even the most dangerous prisons. This time around, Bear is working as the Phantom's enforcer (alongside Phantom's lieutenant Dante) due to getting rich and stuff. Go figure.

Alice Liddell Supporting NPC Camilla Luddington
  • Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
  • Alice Through the Looking Glass

When she was 12, Alice fell down a rabbit hole and discovered the alternate world known as Wonderland, in which she adventured in worlds of big and small and narrowly escaped decapitation at the orders of the Queen of Hearts; and then when she was 16, she returned, decapitated the fearsome Jabberwock and freed the card people by imprisoning the Queen of Hearts herself.

Nowadays, she's been using Wonderland as a bridgeworld (or vacation area) to reach new areas and cities across the world; she's spotted the Wolf on several of his hunts because of this. But they little know that their meeting would later form an invaluable partnership...

Phileas Fogg Supporting NPC Martin Jarvis
  • Around the World in 80 Days

He was a world-renowned inventor, once challenged to go around the world in 80 days, via 80 different ways. When he accomplished the feat, his rival was jailed for trying to sabotage this mission by sending freelance assasins and other rogues of the like after him to prevent his endeavor.

Nowadays, Phileas runs an international travel agency/system throughout the world, which allows the Wolf (in his civilian identity) to track down the criminals of the world.

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The Wolf. He's been a shadow of the criminals that swallows them up and leaves them for the law when he's done with them: he's taken down some of the most notorious criminals the world has known, including a set of thieving triplets with different tastes, a butchering serial killer/farmer, and a master assasin known for killing those who stumble upon the secrets she was hired to guard.

But at the dawn (about 4:00 AM, technically, if you want to be specific) of the 20th century, things have been getting tricky; lately, a new criminal called the Phantom has been planning a huge war: staging various assaults which makes it look like one country is assaulting another, each with a specific, brand-new weapon that has each nation clamouring for the weapon that assaulted them.

But the Wolf has tools of his own to survive: expert hunting skills, expert detective skills, peak physical condition, and a suit powerful enough to withstand even a grizzly bear's strength; having razor-sharp retractable claws on the hands don't hurt either. It'll take everything he's got to do this, and that's no exaggeration.


The game opens with a runaway train in the American Wild, and three portly brothers highjacking it; though they're certain no-one could catch them, they're quickly interrupted when they spot the Wolf on one of the tail-end train cars, only for him to quickly disappear from their view.

Then the tutorial part of the game kicks in: the game teaches players how to play while the Wolf makes his way to the front of the train; topics covered include the movement system, the game's recurring lock-picking puzzles, and the combat system.

Eventually it culminates in a final confrontation between the Swinely brothers and the Wolf, of which the Wolf comes out on top.

Africa: The Hunt is On

A few weeks after this, the Wolf (in his normal guise as Christopher Robin Milne) visits a small settlement in Kenya to catch up with an old friend: legendary big game hunter and British hero Allan Quartermain; though Christopher Robin isn't that old being about 20 years of age, he knew Quartermain since he was a year old when his parents got to meet him and help him in an errand.

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London: Thrill of the Chase

Paris: Tracking Prey

Venice: A War-Starting Plot

Mongolia: Vast Fortress


Being a third-person, action-adventure (with occasional stealth) free-roamer, the gamplay has what you would expect of one: big open world, occasional group of enemies, hazards galore in some areas.

The Wolf Skin

A mystical suit contained within the Hundred-Acre Totem, the Wolf Skin can be summoned by the Totem's host at will, letting the user become the Hunter of Criminals; inside this suit, Christopher gains access to various abilities.

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Hundred-Acre Totem

Ability Uses Base
Bear's Might
  • Moving Heavy Objects
  • Break Certain Obstacles
Eagle's Guidance
  • Fill in the Map
  • Hint System
Panther's Shadow
  • Evade Enemy Detection
  • Crawl Through Shadowed Areas
Cheetah's Speed
  • Run at Blinding Speeds
  • Outrace Falling Platforms
Wolf's Senses
  • Heightened Senses
  • Detect Hidden Objects
Falcon's Eye
  • Distance Viewing

Author's Notes (by Darth Phazon)

  • The Wolf was inspired by a select number of different base characters; the primary design and concept roots being Kraven the Hunter, Azrael, Black Panther and Bronze Tiger.
  • Some of the story and universe elements are taken from the graphic novel story series The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen; "It was a great series IMO, and the movie released back then wasn't really as bad as people would think; seriously, go rewatch it, it's a really good movie for its time."