The Wiicast Is a console in development by Sega and Nintendo. It is supposed to be supposed to have better graphics then the Wii u, looks more like a Sega Dreamcast and will be compatible with all old Wii and Wii u games and controllers. It will also focus more on online gaming then other Wii consoles. It will also feature a powerful processor designed to support some of the fastest gameplay out there. It also features two kinds of controllers one being similar to a standard Wii remote which acts just like a standard one and then another controller that looks similar to a Dreamcast controller that uses a touchpad as a replacement for motion control and has 4 buttons on the face and 4 trigger buttons. This second controller is designed for newer games on the console and the other one is designed mostly for your old Wii and Wii U games.


The Wiicast was originally created by a intern at Sega in the year 1999. He proposed to a few designers the idea but was rejected. In 2002 he went to work with Nintendo and started working on a very early prototype. He showed the idea and proposed that they partner with Sega in 2004. He was rejected again. He worked on it further and changed the design to meet the new changes in the console market. After getting into management in 2009 he proposed the idea. After a long battle he was finally able to convince them to talk with Sega about a partnership in 2010. In 2011 they started working on it. In 2012 the Shreveport Gaming Corporation started developing the OS for the console and has made many of the apps on the systems custom store known as DreamGamer. The console was originally going to be released in 2015 but it was announced it would be released in north America on December 24,2014 due to manufacturing going better then they were expecting. It will be released in march 2015 for japan and September 2015 for Europe. Many games wont be released as planed due to this


K jump 32 (launch title) The Ultra Super Nintendo collection (North American exclusive) Jet Set Radio (port) Sonic Adventure 2 (port) Crazy Taxi (Port) Super Mario 64 (port) Sonic CD (port)

Services WiiTV- A movie streaming service that costs 6$ a month WiiSaturn-A emulator that allows you to play any Saturn games for 2$ a month WiiDreamcast-A dreamcast emulator for 3$ a month WiiSuperNintedo-A super Nintendo emulator for 2$ a month WiiNintendo- A NES emulator for 1.50$ a month WiiGenesis-A genesis emulator for 2$ a month WiiIndie-A service for independent developers to develop for the system for only 5$ a month

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