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The Watcher
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Developer(s) TalixArts
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action-Adventure, First-Person Shooter
Media Included Unknown

The Watcher (tentative title) is for the Nintendo Wii set for an unrealeased date. It is a new game set in the espionage world as the story centers around an ex-CIA special agent, Jacob Stevens. The player gets to control him throughout the game.

Tagline: "Are You In or Are You Out..."


After an undercover sting goes bad in Iraq, CIA Special Agent Jacob Stevens is badly injured becuase of the incident and the CIA is forced to let Stevens go. Five years since the Sentinel incident, Stevens is now an ex-agent and fully enjoys his new life. However, Jacob will be drawn back to the world of espionage when a mysterious femme fatale tells him to join the mysterious Scion organization, but Jacob disagrees. Now Jacob is force to go back to the world he given up five years ago in order to track down the woman and discover more about Scion. Eventually, as the story goes on Jacob will put himself in a web of secrets, lies, intrigue, and danger as he uncovers things about the Sentinel incident he never knew.


Almost all of the cutscenes will be in cinematic cutscenes as you actually seeing it from the movies. The gameplay will be majority of First Person shooter. The Wiimote along with the MotionPlus will be essential to dvelve around locations, use special spy techniques, and fire guns and use other weapons.


These are the locations, Jacob will travel throughout the game.

  • United States - Washington DC
  • Iraq
  • Lebanon
  • Italy - Rome, Tuscany
  • Europe - London
  • Russia


  • Jacob Stevens: The main protagonist; an ex-CIA speical agent who was let go and badly injured from an incidnet in Iraq known simply as the Sentinel incident five years ago. Now he is force back into the spy world when he tries to track down a mysterious female who has crucial clues about certain key events.
  • Haley Rivers: She is the tech girl in the newly formed Alpha Central divison of the CIA. She helps Jacob during the events of the game.
  • Riley Smith: One of the CIA agents who are still functioned to work. He knew what happened there back in Iraq, and tries not to reveal to Jacob anything about it. He soon learns more about Jacob's quest to find the whereabouts of Scion.
  • Director Conrad Daniels: He is the director of the Alpha Central, a special divison deep within the CIA. He personally disliked Stevens' tactics, but trust him as an agent. After the Sentinel incident, he wasn't part of the cover-up, but realize there were more than he knew.
  • Bianca "Female Zero": The mysterious femme fatale who supposedly working for this mysterious Scion organization. Jacob tries to pursue her throughtout the game, as she holds secrets he wants to know.
  • Shawn Barnes: He is the mysterious liasion of Scion and tracks down Jacob whereever he goes. He is in constant contact with the myserious head of the organization and discuss things to Bianca for what she needs to do.


The game will span several sequels in the near future: The Watcher: Part II, The Watcher: Part III, The Watcher: Sentinel Project.