"Welcome to The Void. It's one piece of land now, but when I'm finished with it, Rukalor will my remembered name, but the Cel dynasty will live on as The Void's masters!

I'd like to keep it that way, boy."

The Void's Wrath

Chapter 5: That Connected Ending

Written by Dk64rules (Talk)

Taking out his blade, the Demon's Sword, Rukalor stood ready, the wind of the raging Void behind him. Seventy stood opposite of his position with Clemethai. His sword was fully powered.

With a flash, Rukalor flew through the air, like a bullet, heading straight for Seventy. Seventy blocked his attack with his sword, creating a loud clang that more or less signaled the start of the real battle.

Both fighters swung their blades at each other, Seventy at a disadvantage because Rukalor kept his head well-protected with his helmet, while Seventy had no armor whatsoever. Clemethat tried to help Seventy by sapping Rukalor's energy with his element of light, blotting out his shadow power. However, it did little to stop Rukalor and his superior skill.

As they fought, three marble-stone knights were mysteriously rising out of the ground around them. They were adorned with heavily stylized numbers on their helmets: 7, 8, and 9. Seventy could only assume those were more servants of Rukalor, or more likely Zero (god of darkness/the Void), and avoided their synchronized sword swings. They seemed inanimate, but they actually swung their stone swords down with a mighty power.

"If only I could just get Rukalor under their blades when they swung..." Seventy thought to himself. Unfortunately, Rukalor was thinking of the same thing for Seventy, so they both ended up avoiding the knights altogether, trying to unsuccessfully coax the other to go under. The knights were then reduced to no more than there to produce an ambient smash to the ground to highlight the intensity of the swordfight.

Try as he might, and with Clemethai's help too, Rukalor kept gaining the upper hand and injuring Seventy, to the point where one final kick to the ground ended Seventy's defense. Rukalor raised his blade up, point-down.

"Light can never defeat shadow in it's true home! You will never stop the might of Zero, negative or not!

Just before Rukalor drove his blade into Seventy, Clemethai grabbed Seventy and pulled him into the air.

"You are not ready to defeat the God of Shadow. Maybe Rukalor himself, but he has been permanently infused with darkness! Which is why I have devised a similar plan: I will now combine with you, infusing you with light! However, you will not be able to continue this particular battle. You will be sent a good 20-30 years into the future, but remain at your age of thirteen. However, you will be a totally different kid. Once you arrive, whoever you are, you will find another way to get to The Void and defeat the current embodiment of shadow!"

And with that, Clemethai slipped his hold on Seventy, as his spirit descended into the warrior of light. Seventy glowed with light for only a second, and then a blinding white flash obscured his sight.

When he opened his eyes again, he had no memory of the incident. Didn't even know his name, Seventy Four. He now had his own set of thoughts, relationships, values, and goals. He didn't even recall in the slightest his task to defeat Zero's human embodiment. All he wanted to do at the moment was play some video games...

“Mom, I’m gonna go play some Nintendo 64!” Sixty said.

The End

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