"So, the one I've been trying to get all this time has come here, with the child of the investors I mutated and copied for my army of monsters! Clemethai, you will not win against the dark powers of the God of War and Shadow!

Zero, be with me now! Activate my bodyguard, the one I created using both essences of The Void! Make Ruka come alive, and follow me to The Void!"

The Void's Wrath

Chapter 4: Battle with the Serpentine Bodyguard

Written by Dk64rules (Talk)

As Rukalor escaped into The Void, Seventy and Clemethai following him were stopped by a snake-like monster that appeared from inside a jar on a lab table. This was Ruka, the creature that was supposed to carry on Rukalor's legacy and evolve to be near-human. But for right now, it was just an obedient monster.

Seventy drew his sword and hacked Ruka's serpentine body in half. Both halves slithered on the floor, until they came back together, almost like they sensed each other and met back as two independent life forms...

Ruka quickly came back with a charge attack, slamming Seventy into the wall, as Clemethai watched, helpless against an enemy that was not solid. Seventy, pinned against the wall, drove his sword into Ruka, severing his head from under him. This gave Seventy an easy escape, but the head quickly rejoined with the body, as they were right next to each other.

Running away from Ruka, Seventy accidentally waved his sword through Clemethai. Though he did no damage to the light god, his sword however glowed a bright gold in the spot where it hit him. When Seventy went to sever Ruka again, he heard a sound, like his sword was now burning through Ruka.

The light was killing him. Now all Seventy needed was for Ruka to charge into his light-infused sword, and he wouldn't have anything to regenerate himself with.

As Seventy was thinking of that tactic, he didn't realize Ruka was charging at him! He was about to miss his chance!

At the last second, Seventy held his sword in front of him. Just as he thought, Ruka's slender body disintegrated on contact as it rammed into the blade.

With Ruka defeated, Seventy and Clemethai headed through the Void Portal.

"Ready?" Clemethai asked.

"Of course. Let's do this." Seventy said. They both went through at the same time, and the portal closed forever behind them...

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