"What the hell...?" Rukalor asked, just coming upon a previously hidden (covered in vines) wall in his "Bloodslasher Room."

"It's missing a piece...quite square, almost like the Solisii tablet...I wonder." Rukalor said after closer examination, amid the rapidly growing army of Bloodslashers, standing behind him in total obedience. Rukalor inserted the tablet into the crevice, and instantly all the markings glowed, making the Bloodslashers step back and close their eyes from the light.

Then, the wall opened.

The Void's Wrath

Chapter 3: Demons of the Dark

Written by Dk64rules (Talk)

"What was that, guys...??" Anna asked, shaking and scared. They all had heard the sound of a door opening. Seventy readied his sword. They then heard a sound like dogs snarling, combined with the rattling of footsteps, like an army of monsters...

"RUN!!" Anna screamed as she saw the first hideous creature walk out into the area of the crypt they were in. Adam ran with Anna, seeing as they both had no way of protecting themselves. Clemethai reminded them of the way to the closest city, and then it was just Clemethai and Seventy, left to fight the Bloodslashers.

Seventy rushed into the mob and started hacking away with the might of his power. Bloodslasher after Bloodslasher fell to the ground dead as Seventy ripped through their defenses. Even when cut deeply by one and falling to the ground, Clemethai was there to heal him right back up to fighting condition.

After making quick work of the bloodthirsty monsters, they found the open door, or wall, that the monsters entered from. Standing in the empty room beyond this opening were two lone Bloodslashers. Because the cloning process had put a bit of their life force in each of the clones, they felt the pain of all their deaths. Weakened, they now just stood, awaiting their deaths.

Somehow, Seventy saw his parents within the monsters.

Almost about to cry at the terrible sight of them, Clemethai reminded him of the man responsible, and turned his sadness into anger-filled energy. He stomped up the stairs, to the surface level floor of the lab.

He found the person behind this evil, Rukalor, trying to escape to The Void. Seventy had found not only the man he wanted to meet, but also a way to get to The Void.

It was the perfect opportunity.

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