"Well, well, well...what is this?..." Rukalor asked himself, holding a stone tablet he found while clearing out the underground space for his Bloodslasher breeding.

Brushing off the dust, the stone tablet was inscribed with a phrase, in ancient Solisii...

The Void's Wrath

Chapter 2: Light and its Limits

Written by Dk64rules (Talk)

"Why have you even called me? You seem fine..." Clemethai asked Seventy, as they walked up the stairs. (Well, Clemethai sort of floated, since he's a spirit.

"I need to get...up there." Seventy said, pointing towards the raging Void. With a shake of his head, Clemethai turned to Sixty and explained,

"No. I am your god, however you are stuck with whatever power I hold. In short, I cannot get you up into the sky. My followers, the Soliis, Solis in singular, were once great friends with the people of the Sky God, who could most definitely be able to get you into that...thing, but his temple is far off, into the Airgale Desert. The Sky God, Storwin, had the most power when in direct sunlight, with no obstructions around him. So, his "home" is the desert."

Confused, Seventy, Anna, and Adam looked at each other with the same confusion, and Adam finally asked of Clemethai,

"Why do you keep saying had? What happened to Storwin?"

"...That's for you to find out at the temple." Clemethai answered, looking as though he felt a pang of regret, which in fact he did.

"So, are we going?" Anna asked, looking at Seventy. He simply replied, "What choice do we have? We gotta get to The Void somehow."

And so the now 4 adventurers set off, past the outskirts of the city, to make the 3-day trip to the Airgale Desert. They stopped and rested at "checkpoint" cities, and forged on from there. The Void watched over them, traveling through the sky day and night like an everlasting moon.

Along the way, Clemethai tought Seventy how to use his light powers to their full potential, and gave him an Elemental Sword, which was to be fused with an element to be at its strongest.

Once they finally reached the ruins of Storwin's temple, formally titled the "Soligale Monastery", it looked far from its original, grand-scale state. The entire aboveground section of the temple was gone, save for a few broken pillars and the doors to the underground section, which were so closed in that it took all 4 (though Clemethai couldn't have been of much help) to open them.

Inside the underground portion of the Soligale Monastery, they realized that below the sand it was less monastery and more of a crypt, housing the bodies of what looked like several important figures in the Sky People society, as they were dressed in elaborate, ornate clothes that had apparently stood the test of time as well. They also saw many out-of-place artifacts, assuming those belonged to the Soliis.

But, they still had a mission, and it did not include plundering the crypts of the temple. They needed to find out what happened to Storwin, and if he left any clues as to how to get into the sky.

Little did they know that, beneath the monastery, something else was about to befall them...

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