3 months later..

"Ah, too bad you two investors had a stroke of freedom, or you wouldn't be in this terrible condition...Heh heh heh!"

The two Bloodslashers stood, the first of their kind, listening to their master ramble on in a language unknown to them...

The Void's Wrath

Chapter 1: The God of Light

Written by The K.K.K..

"Where did you say we were going, Seventy?" Anna asked, walking down an empty street in Peace Key City with him and Adam.

"Apparently on the edge of town, there's some sort of symbol. Only the one chosen by a fabled God of Light can unlock the secret entrance to a shrine." Seventy answered, convinced that he was the one to open the way, since he had an image of the Light Orb on his shirt.

Anna was not convinced, but she refrained from saying something and followed the 2 boys to the symbol's location.

Once there, Seventy stood on the symbol and waited, staring at the ocean waters that came up to the rocky shore below the area. Nothing.

Seventy tried lying down on the orb symbol to touch the one on his shirt to the one in stone. Still nothing.

Then, he knelt down and touched the cold marble himself, with his right hand. That made it open!

Both the symbol on his shirt and the one in stone glowed, as the sqaure marble block slowly split in two, sliding back until stairs were visible. The three adventurers went down.

Inside was a small shrine made of gold. All gold and diamond accents along the walls, seemingly designed as words of an ancient language. On the center wall was another orb symbol, but touching this one did nothing.

"Okay, we found the shrine, but I want to speak to the god. Maybe he or she could help us get up to The Void." Seventy explained, looking for a clue to a puzzle.

"Hey, look at this writing. It has a hand symbol before it begins, maybe Seventy, you have to hold your hand over it for it to translate." Adam said, pointing to an inscription below the orb symbol. Following his suggestion, Seventy knelt down and held his hand over the text.

The unreadable language instantly turned to English as Seventy's power went from his hand to the gold the passage was written on. It read,

"Oh thy chosen child of light, call upon me by using your newfound power to turn thy ornament diamonds gold...

Seeing the two diamonds that bordered the left and right of the orb symbol, Seventy touched both, at the same time, and they turned from their original turquoise to the gold color of the rest of the room. The orb on the wall glowed, and a spirit slowly came through it.

Shocked, the three each took a step back. The spirit's face was now completely visible, but did not look as glowy as his shrine made it seem. He looked almost...depressed to be in the presence of Seventy. Nevertheless, when fully emerged, he introduced himself

"Hello, Child of Light. I am your counterpart god, here to aid you in your troubles as you have sought me...out? Forgive me, this is my first time doing this. I studied up on all my lines like 2 years ago when they built this shrine for me, but no one ever seeks out the help of the god who powers lanterns, now do they?! That's probably why I look so tired right now...I never actually tried going to sleep until yesterday. Of course, now you show up! Anyway, whatever. I am Clemethai, the Light."

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