"Now, I want you both to proceed down those stairs." Rukalor commanded the Altmantis.

Helpless, Mr. and Mrs. Altmanti listened. When they reached the basement of Rukalor's Labratory, the stairway receeded into the floor, and the entranceway in the floor (ceiling to them) shut, trapping them in darkness.

The Void's Beginning

Chapter 5: Teaming Up

Written by Dk64rules (Talk).

"Anna? W-What are you doing here?" Seventy asked, confused as to why she was here, but also flustered at the sight of her. Not a good combination.

"Well...your door was open, and I saw you slowly walk back home. I wanted to make sure nothing was wrong with you." she said simply.

"Why do you care? Nobody cares about me, I'm always lonely..." Seventy said back. This was not him talking to Anna. In fact, he's risking offending her on her act of kindness. But this was him venting out his emotions. It wouldn't matter if this were Anna checking on him or a thief checking on him as he stole things from the house.

"What? Why do I care? I care because I want to be able to help you! I know about your parents not being around; I see you go home alone every day, and only seldom do I see any car pull up to your house! What is up?" she said, angered that he was blowing her off.

"You wanna know what's up?! Here!" Seventy snapped back, handing her the folder with the Void papers in it.

She took it from him and read every single sheet. When she was done, she put them all back. Horrified, she explained what was the situation was to Seventy, who just glanced at some sheets and refused to read any more before.

"Y...your parents are not coming home again...We need to stop Rukalor, the man behind the creation of that...thing, The Void, before is true plans are realized!" Anna said, on the verge of tears out of sympathy for Seventy.

Just then, Adam walked inside as well.

"Anna? Are you here? Your parents are-" Adam called, stopping when he saw Seventy and Anna sitting on the floor, with the papers thrown around them. They both looked depressed.

"What's going on?" Adam asked.

Seventy stood up, his sadness turned to determination.

"We know who made The Void today, we know what his evil plans are, and goddamnit, we're going to go to The Void and stop him!" Seventy said, his voice getting louder as he went on.

So their adventure began...

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