"You! You released The Void, just a few days after our meeting! We weren't even final on if we were going to fund the damn thing! Did you want to trap us or something?!"

"Yes! Are you such a blind investor that you did not see?! Ha ha, now you're stuck funding whatever plan I have down!"

"No. I'm done. No money is coming out my pocket for you."

The doors and windows were barred shut.

"I think you might want to reconsider..."

The Void's Beginning

Chapter 4: It is Documented

Written by Dk64rules (Talk).

The schools were let out for the day, and no one was hesitant to run home and lock their doors from the chaos that might start outside over those less-civil about change. Kids ran home, seeking protection with their parents. Unfortunately for Seventy, he did not have that comfort. He slowly walked home, lonely as ever. Where were his parents? Did they even know about the thing in the sky?

"Sigh...another day home." he said, unlocking the door.

What he found, was horrifying. Simply confusing.

Papers, hundreds of white documents lay scattered across the floor, flying out of the empty manila folder that now lay across from the papers in a thrown position. Seventy picked up a random one. It read, "The Void - Supplement to Project Ruka - Rukaworld - $2,000,000 in funding + $5,000,000 incremental."

What? Another one,

"The Void - Portal to another worldspace, gravitationally indentical to Earth with the same oxygenated air supply and light to grant water and life to the New World. New World - World inside The Void consisting of floating landmasses with countries."


"Hierarchy - Emperor Rukalor, Royalty - Family of Rukalor, The Investors, and the family of, Citizens - Those who choose to move to the New World."

"So...The Void is a world...a new one that we can live on?" Seventy asked. Just then the door opened.


Seventy gathered the documents and stuffed them haphazardly into the folder. He then proceeded to hide the-


Hide the folder in his room. By this point, the door was already opened.

It's Anna.

You have reached the end of P1-Ch4. You can choose another chapter below when they become available/linked.

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