Seventy wasn't about to let what people thought of him get in the way of someday, someday soon, getting to know Anna. No. He wasn't about to let that happen. See, without much parental overprotective-ness during these important times for him, he was able to think on his own, and not have to always report or really answer to some authority on everything. That gave him more freedom of thought and speech then he could ever ask for, and he used it wisely. He might've been at times lonely, but it was worth it.

The Void's Beginning

Chapter 3: Born Upon Us

Written by Dk64rules (Talk).

Seventy's only friend was a kid named Adam Cerato. Adam was almost a copy of Seventy into another body, and so they really got along. Adam had once been eyeing Anna as well, but he was so much of a friend that he made himself stop and help Seventy...

And so they sat, in the cafeteria, discussing that very topic.

"Hey Sev (nickname for Seventy), did you talk to Anna yet?" Adam asked; he made sure to keep up with Seventy to see if his tips were being used.

"Not yet Adam. I'm trying to see where exactly I can bump into her on purpose without it being weird. I mean think about it, I'm not about to be at the mall and walk into the women's section to "suddenly" notice her." Seventy replied, his tone hinting at his longing for another tip from his friend.

"Well, what about your special science class tomorrow? She'll be in it, right? Ask her then; she won't be expecting...well, you. And, don't worry about the other kids in the class. After all, you are the "doesn't care what people think" person." Adam suggested. The "lightblub" face of Seventy showed that his tip had gone straight to action status.

"I couldn't agree with ya more, Adam. That's the best tip so far. I think I might actually do that one." Seventy said, joking on the fact that all the past tips he never had the courage to do. Adam laughed along, and they both went back to class.

Seventy had a lot on his mind heading up to his next class. Anna was nice, but would she catch on to what Seventy would allude to in a casual conversation? Would she care? Say no? The whole thing boggled his young mind, to the point where he just stopped thinking about it for the day.

It was the last class. Seventy had forgotten all his worries for now. Everything was as it should be in a 7th grade classroom. Clear skies, beautiful sun, and-


There was a huge explosion. The school shook, and windows shattered. Kids and teachers were screaming as they ran for the exits. A bombing on a school? Seriously? Why, how? No time to think, it was just pure chaos running to the doors. Once everybody got out, they watched the most scariest thing anybody had ever seen.

An ominous purple and black streak of light and smoke shot forward through the air, eventually stopping about moon's height into the air, space rather. Then, the smoky fog of it spread into a big circle, and everyone could see...depth being formed within it.

Like a portal.

Or perhaps a hole, with some sort of spherical gravity.

The Void was born.

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