The Void is an all-knowing portal made of a specially-crafted element that makes it possible for land masses to be suspended over its seemingly-endless sky. By fully investing your time with me, you two will be the co-creators of The World, Better Than Earth.

The Void's Beginning

Chapter 2: The New World Plan

Written by Dk64rules (Talk).

Rukalor finished his "sales pitch" of his newest scientific breakthrough to the two concerned investors, Mr. and Mrs. Altmanti. They seemed rather convinced, Rukalor thought to himself.

Mr. Altmanti was the first to ask a question, "How will this world be sustained within space? Furthermore, how will this world be able to hold gases like the ones that make breathable air if it is an open portal?"

Rukalor knew that was coming, in fact he meant for it to be a part of the speech but left it out for some reason. "Because The Void allows for gravity, air and everything else can be confined within it even if it's open, because of my engineered spherical gravity system, where it stays within the confines of the portal."

"Will it have more Earth-like things, such as plants and blue skies?" Mrs. Altmanti asked.

"Since it will have all of Earth's air quality and the same dirt and rock-based landmasses, I don't see why plants wouldn't grow. However, because the portal/crust part of The Void is this kind of swirling purple and black vapor, I'm assuming that's what color the sky would be."

There were no more questions, and the Altmantis were convinced. They signed up for the project as major investors, and left without another word.

However, Rukalor already had all the funding and more for The Void project. He was going to use their money for another project of his:

Creating a life form.

Yes, Rukalor was determined to create at least one species that would roam within his world, and he studied up on genetics and life science enough to understand the complications and procedures that he could then combine to make his own steps to achieving life.

A year went by, and The Void was nearing completion. Also nearing completion was Rukalor's new life form. You could say that his creation looked a little...gelatinous, very much like a moving slime. But, it did have working eyes and got its energy from consuming foods as humans do. It also had the brains and the vocal ability to learn and speak English. It was a marvel, a true extent of what humans could do.

He named his new "pet" a name that would carry on his legacy, to remind people in the future, when there are hundreds of these things roaming The Void and evolving as species.

He named it, Ruka. At this point in time still everyone called him Jon Cel except for the few; this was how he was going to publicize his true label.

Seventy however, knew nothing of the meetings that his parents had with the mad genius. In fact, he had a bit of his own life to look after. See...there was this girl, and her name was Anna. That's all he really knew. Oh, and he really liked her. But she didn't know it.

She was his secret crush.

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